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Sunday, November 11, 2007  

Falling behind on blogging sure does give me a lot to type about when I finally do get around to it!

First, work is going pretty well. I've finally pushed my way through a long, busy, stressful period and came out on the other side alive. I went through some very stressful times in the last few months and things go pretty hairy at times. I'm finally feeling like I'm beginning to get the hang of handling multiple book schedules at one time. Right now it's a quiet period for me book-wise, but that's good because it means I finally get to take a deep breath and get caught up on all of my non-book responsibilities. Things got a little crazy there while I got my sea-legs and edited my first knitting book on my own and started my first multiple-book season. I'm certainly not an old pro yet, but I feel much better equipped for next season. I celebrated my one year anniversary at my job a couple of weeks ago, and in a very fortuitous coincidence, the advanced copies of the first book I edited arrived on my anniversary. It was very neat to see my name on the copyright page of the book as Editor. Even more exciting is the thought of seeing my name as author. It's an amazing feeling to see all of my work in action. I've had very few jobs where I could point to something tangible and say "This is what I do." Working on books is so cool, because I'm helping something come into the world that wasn't there before, that people will use and enjoy. As much as I'd love to leave the rat race and not have 9-5 kind of job, I can't do that right now, so since I have to work, it's pretty cool that I get to do this.

And now I have to work even move than I did before: I have a new bill to pay.

And no, it's not for my (apparently much needed) chin reduction surgery. I now am the proud owner of a new-to-me Subaru Forester. Actually, it's not TOO new to me because I'm buying it from my mom. She got a new car, and I figured it was time to upgrade, so I bought hers. I've been driving my faithful little Corolla for nine years now, and at fourteen, she's no spring chicken. I love her and she got me through a lot of miles, but I have a long commute these days and with winter coming, I feel better in a newer, bigger car. I'm going to be selling the Corolla, which I'm nervous about (what if someone takes her for a test drive and never comes back? I am maybe not so trusting), so please cross your fingers for me. I think she'll be a great "starter car" for a new driver.

Goodbye Sammy. You were a good little car. Thanks for all the good times.

In fiber news, I've mostly been working on holiday knitting, specifically the pair of socks for my mom that I mentioned before. I worked both up to the heel, and now I'm working on (my first! ever!) patterned cuff. I got lucky and choice a great stitch pattern the first time around. I had to fudge around a bit to get the right number of stitches, but I love the way it looks and it's going quickly.

I was trying to work on this in secret, but my mom has very plain and simple tastes. I was worried that this would be too fancy for her, so I showed her the first one, because I'd hate to make her something she didn't like. They fit PERFECTLY and she loves them. She was really amazed at how beautiful they were and how different from her usual favorites, the 2x2 rib. I'm just so happy with how they look, tickled that she likes them, and so pleased with myself for coming up with something that I think is really beautiful. Sometimes knitting makes me feel like a total idiot, but every now and then I stumble on something good and feel like The Smartest Woman Ever. I feel like I split the atom here. I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway: "I... have made a sock."

I also finally blocked the Fleurette scarf and it looks like... total ass. I don't know how I fugged that up. Actually, I think I do. It's about 5.5" on one end and 4.25" on the other, even though the scarf was all blocked out to the same width. I think the scarf dried too much while I was blocking and the now-skinny end was the end I blocked last, and it was too dry when I finally got around to it. I'll try again, this time armed with a spray bottle for a dampening after all the pins are in place. Hopefully I can get a good block on this thing. I worked too hard on the spinning and knitting for it to look this bad.

And for now, I think that may be all the news that is fit to print.

Oh, the sock is beautiful! Your mom is lucky! And congrats on the new car. I bought my first brand new car almost exactly a year ago and it is also a subaru, although mine is the Outback. I LOVE my car. And you know that Subaru is the official car of spinners! I went to a spinning group meeting today and it looked like a convention of Subaru owners. Drive her in good health.

And congrats on the publishing stuff too... I wish I had your job. Pretty cool job!
That's a really sharp sock. I like! :-)

And hooray for new wheels! :-)
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