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Monday, June 18, 2007  

Okay, this is a long post (and not a particularly happy one), so I'm starting with the pretty picture, instead of ending with it. I finally have my next big spinning project all worked out. I got a 2 ply of the English Gardens bombyx from Treetops spun and knit, and I love it. I love them both, the 2 ply and the 3 ply, but for a big project, like a shawl, I prefer the subtlety of the 2 ply. Here's the comparison shot of the two:

I'm so glad that I finally have a spinning project to work on! It has taken too long to finally settle on something.

So. This week has been... interesting. No, scratch that. This week has been (almost) total crap. On Friday I had my first ever sonogram. No, no, don't get all excited. I'm not pregnant. They were looking for a blood clot. In my leg. That could decide it wants to move to, say, my lung or brain and KILL ME DEAD. Okay, that's a bit of an overdramatization of the situation, but it's still been sucky.

A couple of weeks ago I went up to TNNA in Columbus. It was a two hour drive up there, then six hours on my feet in high heels, then a two hour drive home. Tuesday or Wednesday, I started to feel a bit of pain on the back of my leg, right below and behind my knee. Over the next couple of days, my leg also started hurting right above the knee. It'd been awhile since I had been on my feet in high heels for so long, so I just thought that I strained a tendon or some such silliness. But after a week, it still hurt just as much, so I thought maybe something was torn or I was reinjuring myself or... something. I figured that I had better go to the doctor and make sure I wasn't making anything worse. I really thought it would be something minor, like a strained tendon or ligament and that I'd maybe be put on a muscle relaxant or be told to keep off of it. But, no. Superficial veinous thrombophlebitis. Basically, doc thought I had a blood clot in a superficial vein and it was irritating the vein, resulting in pain. It was, he told me, "probably" not life threatening. Thank you Dr. Feelgood! Great bedside manner. I know he has to cover his butt, but telling me it's "probably" not life threatening is not very reassuring. On the one hand, he seemed to be trying to keep me calm, but on the other hand he insisted I not go to work until I could get a sonogram and forced me into the sonographer's full schedule. The urgency freaked me out. But then on Friday, after the sonogram, he couldn't be bothered to leave his lunch to come talk to me about the results. And today I hear that the doctor who reads the sonograms is on vacation. So who knows when I find out what the heck is going on. The sonographer "unofficially" told me that it's not a serious clot, and I'm hoping that if anything serious was going on, the doctor would call me, but I'm still freaked out. I've done all the general reading about the condition online, but I'd like to TALK to MY doctor about MY case. By the way, this is all with a doctor I'm not familiar with because my primary is on vacation. If I can't get straight answers, or even a call, from this substitute doctor, I'll be going back to see my regular doctor when she's back. One way or another, I will get some answers.

So, all of that has been my primary occupation since Wednesday. All blood clot, all the time. Which is a shame, because minutes before I went to that first fateful appointment on Wednesday, I found out that... I got into my first choice workshop for SOAR! Yippee! That kind of faded to the background for a few days, but now I'm getting back to being very excited. I'm taking Fiber Preparation with Robin Russo and I can't wait! I've got combs, cards and a drum carder and the only one I'm comfortable with is the combs. I'm especially excited about learning how to blend on a drum carder because I've been wanting to make my own batts for quite some time, but I haven't wanted to ruin a bunch of fibers while I learn. I've made so many "bad" purchases because I love the color play in a batt, but the fibers are just too rough for my kind of spinning. Now I can try and replicate the colors and batts I love with the fibers I love. And hopefully, with an expert there to teach me instead of teaching myself, I won't ruin quite as much fiber. Woohoo! I am so very, very excited to be able to go to SOAR. I didn't think I'd be able to do any big fiber events this year, but this one is working out. If you're going to be there, let me know! I can't wait to spend time with a bunch of other spinners. I need that part of my creative battery recharged, the part that only other creative types can fill. Especially after this miserable week, I really need the break and the fun and the inspiration.

Shoot! Did they put you on an anticoagulant med, too? I hope it resolves quickly.

A friend had 1 in his leg (somewhere in the calf) after an overseas flight to Japan. He told me he was in the window seat and didn't want to disturb the zonked-out passenger next to him.

Anyway, after 3 months on anticoags, he was fine.
wow Jenni, the clot thing is sucky. I'm sending you all good vibes that the clot just dissolves and turns out to be nothing. I hope you've at least been able to knit during your time off work.

You will love SOAR! Congrats on getting into your first choice. I'm sure it will be a fabulous class. And you will have such fun with all the other spinners. When I got there last year, I was a little nervous since I didn't know anyone else there, but after 2 minutes I knew I had found my tribe.

See you in October!
"Probably" not life-threatening, eh? Gosh, how comforting.


But I really love the new swatch. I like it much better than the original, in fact. ;-) Though the colors won't behave quite the same way in a wide piece of knitting as they do in a small swatch, though, will they?...
Yikes, I hope they get this leg thing straightened out. Trying to get time from doctors these days is so infuriating. I'm still looking for a good Primary Care doctor who I don't feel is always rushing me out of the office.

But yay for SOAR! I have to get there so year, it sounds like such a great time. And such great teachers too!
Yippee! Another SOAR virgin has been snagged!! I'll see you there. I'm in Sara Lamb's class; you will love Robin's class - great stuff, lovely teacher, very calm atmosphere. And you will get your fiber battery recharged. Oh and just remember, Francine @ Rovings, polworth and silk top, natural colors - makes devine lace. I'm just saying.
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