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Sunday, April 08, 2007  

My fleurette yarn is done!
I'm very happy with it, and I think it is gorgeous. I feel like I've opened a whole new world of possibilities by plying a solid single with a hand-painted one. I've never done it before because I was worried about barber-poling, but at the fine level I'm working at, I don't find it visually distracting in the knitted fabric (at least for this combination of singles. I'll continue sampling and swatching, of course). I'm looking at all of the hand paints in my stash with new eyes now. *Sigh* No matter how long I live, I'll never get to try all of the things I want to! I ended up with ~350 yards of yarn, more than enough for a light lace scarf. I'm very surprised with how much I got out of this. The hand-painted roving was a small sample I received along with an order. I can't believe I'm getting a project out of it! I'm itching to get started. I still have to wash the yarn, and I want to finish my mom's birthday socks before I dive into a new project, but I'm looking forward to knitting this up. I love the Fleurette pattern and it's an easy lace, so it will be a nice keep-around project to work on when I'm not spinning.
I probably won't be doing any spinning for the next few days, though. I did bits of plying here and there throughout the week, and then went balls-to-the-wall Friday night trying to finish, but didn't make it. I felt fine on Saturday and did about an hour's worth of plying to finish up the singles. When I woke up this morning, though, I had some light pain in my elbows and some fairly strong pain in my wrists. I am really freaked out about this. As a fiber artist, I'm always aware of the risks of repetitive motion injuries/strains/etc. and frankly, I'm terrified of them. My work is very important to me. To think that it could be taken away from me by pain scares me. I'm trying to convince myself that maybe I slept on my hands funny because I did the most intense spinning on Friday and felt fine on Saturday, but I really don't like this. I'm only 27, and I want a long life of playing with fiber ahead of me. I'm between projects anyway, so resting isn't a big deal, but I'm still freaked out. Wrists and elbows, I love you. Please don't fail me!

Your yarn looks beautiful. I'm sorry that you have some pain, though. In the future, make sure you take frequent breaks and stretch out your hand and arms. I find that the fingers on my drafting hand (I tend to hold fibers in a "chicken beak" position) will ache after spinning for a few hours if I don't stop to splay my hand open. 'Sides, it's good to get up and walk around. You might also look at the height of your chair - sometimes spinners hold their arms in odd positions to accommodate the orifice height.
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