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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Tuesday, April 10, 2007  

I finally finished the first birthday sock for my mom! I'm fairly slow at both knitting and spinning, but especially at knitting socks. My mom likes very plain 2x2 ribbed leg socks in Cascade Fixation, which I'm more than happy to do for her, but don't find very entertaining, so my attention wanders from sock-making VERY easily. In order to avoid rushing the sock-making this year around gift-giving times, I decided to be proactive and cast on a sock in January for my carry-around knitting. I just finished it today. I guess I don't carry around my knitting very much! Now I've got to get cracking on the second sock. I'll probably end up cutting it close, despite my best intentions. If all else fails, this won't be the first time she's received one finished sock and one sock with needles in. I'm hoping it won't come to that, though. Here's numero uno:

And since looking at one finished 2x2 ribbed leg sock is probably even less entertaining than knitting one, here's some eye candy for your viewing pleasure:

This is a 50/50 tussah/baby camel blend in the colorway "Seafoam" from Shadeyside Farm that I got while I was in Rhinebeck. It has the most gorgeous, vibrant color variations, and it's dead soft. I stumbled across it while I was combing the stash for "what's next" and I left it out on my desk to admire. I don't know if it will be "what's next," but it is worth daydreaming about, at least. *sigh* Where's a winning lottery ticket when a girl needs one? Working is getting in the way of spinning!

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