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Tuesday, April 03, 2007  

Houston, we have yarn:

Not much of it, but it IS yarn. Plying commenced at 20:00 hours and is proceeding as planned. I didn't have much wheel-time tonight, but I used what I had to its fullest. Plying is my third favorite part of spinning. The first is planning - daydreaming, combing through the stash, spinning samples. My second favorite part is starting the actual project, those first few days of spinning. You know, the "honeymoon" stage. After that, I kind of go downhill. I'm much more of a planner, not so much of an executor. But then comes plying. Oh, I love plying. The end is in sight! That precious dream I started out with is about to be realized. All that slogging through the dog days of the spinning project are finally over! And soon I'll have YARN and the process will start all over with knitting. The planning, the plotting, the sampling (although in this case, that is already done. Poo) And of course, there's the satisfaction of getting to see and touch (and for some of us, the special few, smell) the yarn! Right there in my hands is evidence of my work. There aren't many experiences in this virtual world that give you something solid to hold in your hands and say "I did this. I was here. And I have the yarn to prove it!" I don't know why more people don't spin! This is good stuff.

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