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Sunday, April 01, 2007  

The fact that it is April already feels like an April Fool's Day joke! I can't believe how fast this year is going. I haven't had much to say lately, and I still don't have much to say, really, but I figured I'd post at least a tidbit for the few hardy souls who actually stop by occasionally for updates. The only noteworthy thing I've done lately (at least fiber-wise) is this little knitted sample:

This is from the yarn sample I posted a couple of posts ago. I loved the yarn, but after knitting up the "Claudia" samples I remembered just how little I know about how fiber translates to yarn translates to fabric. I'm always surprised by what I end up with. So, I loved the yarn, but I wanted to make sure that I loved the fabric. I picked this pattern out of one of the Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries and I love it! It's called Fleurette, and I think it is the cutest little pattern. In fact, when this yarn is finally done and ready for knitting, I'm just going to make it into a scarf in this pattern with a garter stitch border. As far as loving the colors in the fabric, I don't love the fabric as much as I loved the yarn, but I still think it is quite nice. The yarn really glowed, but some of that is lost in the knitting. I'm very, very close to being done with spinning this yarn, and frankly, I can't wait for it to be done. This has been a "side" project forever and a day, and I'm ready to be done with it. Once I'm all done, all of my Woolee Winder bobbins will be empty. I'll give my wheel a very thorough cleaning and be ready to start fresh.

I've decided not to work on the "Claudia" colorway as my next big project. I never got around to making my third sample swatch to see what the middle ground would be between the two swatches I've already done, because I decided that it was just a darker colorway than I wanted to work with right now. I've been combing the stash to see what calls my name, but nothing has seemed "just right" so far. There are a few things that are maybes, but I don't feel like any of them are "the one." I think I have too much to choose from (rough problem to have, huh?). Add to that, I've always been one to "save the best for last," so I'm reluctant to use my favorites because once I use it, it's gone. I can't have my cake and eat it too. But I'm at SABLE status (stash acquired beyond life expectancy) so I really should start using the good stuff, or I'll never get around to it. I expect a lot more experimenting and swatching will go on around here before I finally settle on something.

Besides knitting swatches and finishing up the spinning on the blue/variegated yarn, I've been working on a pair of socks for my mom for her birthday. Not much exciting going on around here. Just enjoying the spring and hoping inspiration strikes (but not too hard, I'm smooshy). Happy April, all!

You're right, Fleurette is adorable. So for those of us with all 4 Walker stitch dictionaries and very little time (children, job, dog, cat, husband, house - pick one - they all take excessive time right now), could you please let me know which book, which page, any info so I can find this lovely little pattern?! Please! With sugar on top?!
Happy April to you! I haven't decided what my next big spinning project will be, nothing is screaming at me right now. It will probably end up being a shawl, though!
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