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Tuesday, March 20, 2007  

I have finally recovered from missing ONE WHOLE HOUR of sleep last week (life is so rough sometimes) but I am now high on spring, which appears to maybe. finally. be here. So for once, I am not a great big giant grump when I am writing a blog entry (I think the fact that I usually blog on Sunday nights, staring down the barrel of a work week, doesn't help with the grumpy posts, either). Anyway, it's absolutley glorious here today, so I'm gonna keep this short so that I can go enjoy some weather!

I got the yarn samples from last week all knit up:

And now I'm working on the great debate of which direction I want to go with this next project. The swatch on the left corresponds to the yarn on the left in the last post. I knit it first and I was absolutely thrilled with it when it was first knit. I loved the colors, the subtlety, everything. It wasn't brown like I had feared and I pretty much felt like I didn't need to knit the other because this was clearly the winner. But, I had done the work to spin the other, so I figured I might as well knit it up. The sample on the right is alright, and if I have enough fiber after spinning for a shawl, I might spin up some yarn just like this for a scarf. It is very pretty, but just too bright for me for a big ol' shawl. But now the sample on the left looks kind of dull. This picture is a pretty good representation of the colors close up, but the further you move away from the swatch, the more it visually blends to brown. And I don't want a brown shawl. I have plenty of brown fiber to use when I do want a brown shawl. I want a pretty, subtle shawl of many (delicate) colors. So now I'm torn. I loved the left swatch when it was all by it's lonesome, can I learn to love it again? Is there a compromise?

I'm going to go ahead and spin and knit one more sample with one ply prepared like the sample on the right and one ply prepared like the sample on the left, and I'll see if I can come up with something in between the two that isn't all bold and stripey, but that also doesn't fade to brown from 3 feet away. Wish me luck! And as always, any advice from people who know more than me is more than welcome. I need help, here, people.

Happy spring!

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