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Thursday, February 22, 2007  

I'm still having trouble shaking off the cobwebs of my little hibernation, so instead of gathering up the energy for one big post, I'll dole it out in dribs and drabs. I can't believe how much I feel like I need a day off. Especially considering I just had Monday off. It's been a rough week.

Anyway, last Wednesday, I got a surprise day off due to abomindable weather here in Cincy. The business I work for shut down on Valentine's Day, so I actually got to spend the whole day with my sweetie, which was the best gift I could have asked for. It was a wonderful, relaxing day and I got a lot done, including finishing my Swallowtail Shawl (too bad all that lovely relaxing wore off so quickly). So, a week later, here are some pics of her!

A detail shot of the nupps and edging:
And on, but headless, because when I am tired I look completely stoned. Not a look I want out there for whole internets to see:

I had wanted it to block out a bit larger than this, because I was worried that at this size, it would look too small on me, but I'm very happy with the way it looks. Which is good, because by the time I was done blocking her, she was a screamin' and would not stretch out any more. I have a very pretty vintage/antique art deco brooch with small diamonds and sapphires in white gold that is very light-weight, which I think will be the perfect thing to hold this on when I wear it. I'm really happy with this project. It was a fast knit, I love the pattern, I learned something new (nupps), and it's a very pretty bit of lace. And it's dead soft. I highly recommend the Jade Sapphire 2 ply cashmere for this project. There's plenty to complete the shawl as written, and it's a lovely little piece of heaven to wear (and knit). And even though my fingertips got a bit blue while I was knitting, not much dye released when I washed it. So, all in all, a thumbs up.

And one more thing I forgot while I was off hibernating - Kimd asked in comments why I wanted to have two monitors at "command central." Kim, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to answering you. I would email this to you, but blogger wouldn't give me your email address. A few jobs ago, when I was a bankruptcy paralegal, my firm tried to go paperless. When we prepared a bankruptcy motion, we needed info from a lot of different documents to prepare the motion, so they gave us all two monitors, so that we could have the motion up on one and the document files up on the other and we could get the information without constantly minimizing and maximizing different windows. I got used to working that way and I find it very convenient for many different purposes. For instance, when I blog I can keep my photo editing software open on one screen and edit photos as needed while still keeping the blog editor up on the other. This way I don't have to click back and forth during blogging, and I don't have to prepare ahead of time. Also, while I am loading a video or something, I can have something up on the other screen to work on, but know immediately when I'm done downloading. OR when I'm playing a video game on one screen, I can have a web browser up on the other screen to quick access to hints and tips for the game, or some entertaining reading when all the monster killing gets too tense. There are a million and one other ways I use it, but I won't bore you with those! Basically, it's just a handy tool for me. I hope that answers your question! If you'd like more info on how to do it, email me and I can point you toward the links I used to help me get set up.

And on one last happy note, I just had to share that I got paid to knit today! We're doing a knitting book right now, and the woman illustrating the technique section wanted some samples in hand for certain techniques. So, I brought in some yarn and my needles today and spent some of my work day making samples for her. I still can't believe how lucky I am to have this job. I can't believe I tricked them into hiring me :-)

The shawl came out beautifully - nice job!
Knitting for pay is pretty sweet. Good for you!

And your Swallowtail is lovely. It's a fun little knit, isn't it? I kind of want to do another one in heavier yarn someday, so that it comes out a little bigger (and more utilitarian.)
Love your shawl. It's on my to do list!
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