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Sunday, January 14, 2007  

Ta Da!
It's my first FO of 2007. Yes, they're ridiculously quick, easy and floofy, but I've got to take my victories where I can get them! And I lurve them. AND I'm making great progress on my BFL spinning, as well.
A week or two more and I'll be done with the first half. I'm really surprised at how quickly this is going, but I am getting a lot of work done on it. Yesterday I went to a gathering of fibery ladies and along with much carrying on and silliness, I got to spin a lot more than I would on a usual Saturday. It was a really fabulous day. I got to spend time with women I know and love and don't see nearly enough of, and I got to meet some really wonderful women who I hope will become friends. As wonderful as it was, though, it really has me thinking. I'm pulled in two different directions right now. I love the events I go to, and I almost always have a good time. I love the women, I love talking with like-minded people, I love showing off, I love seeing the work of others and being inspired. But I'm also very much a homebody, and I'm embarassingly attached to my routine and quiet little life. Getting myself to go to yesterday's gathering was a struggle. I knew I would have a great time once I was there, and there were some women I really wanted to see there, but I still had to struggle against my inner hermit. I'm so frustrated with myself right now for basically "wanting it all." I want the community and the friends, but I love the quiet and peace of my little love nest with Mark. I know that ultimately, I'm going to have to find the best balance for me, but right now I want both AT THE SAME TIME. I'm so glad I went yesterday. I had a wonderful time. I don't regret it AT ALL. But I missed my usual kind of day, too. And that, basically, is the core of me: I always want more. And I am getting tired of it.

It was great to meet you this weekend. I'm very glad that you ventured out, even if you were playing head games with us all by miming that you were spinning invisible thread.
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