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Monday, January 01, 2007  

I've had such a wonderful week and a half off! I'm so not ready to go back, especially now that I've come down with a cold :-( Blech. And there's absolutely no way that I can call in on my first day back after eleven days off! Of course, getting sick on my last day off is preferable to getting sick on my first day off. But not getting sick would have definitely been best of all! Oh well, cold aside, it has been a fabulous vacation. The beginning was very busy with prepartions for the holidays, but there were definitely big doses of relaxation and fun. I've been getting a lot of spinning done (a lot of spinning for me, at least) and I'm still really enjoying the Foxfire batt. This pic shows how far I am into the first batt (full batt on top, batt I'm working on on the bottom).
I also got to use my new foam tiles to block out a scarf I made last summer. I had blocked it when I first finished it, but I wore it a few too many times in the summer heat (what can I say, I was really proud and wanted to show it off) and it wilted. This is about 13 gms of Navajo 3-ply silk (dyed by the silkworker) knit in the pattern "Fountain Lace" from either Barbara Walker 1 or 2 (sorry, feeling too sick and lazy to go look it up). I spun up the full two ounces I received from her, but this first ball turned out to be a different weight than the rest, so I made it into a scarf, while the rest will eventually be used for a stole. I absolutely love the colors in this scarf, and I'm so glad to have it blocked again so that I can wear it. I just need to try really, really hard not to sweat on it :-P And even though I've only used them once, I'm going to come out and say that I adore the foam floor tiles for blocking. They're thick enough to hold the pins, but they're lightweight and don't take up much room once they're disassembled. I'm so glad Mark took all my hints and got these for me. And the last little bit before I go collapse into bed and whimper:

I started a new quickie mindless knitting project. And I do mean quick and mindless. I am a SLOW knitter, I started these last night and I'm almost all the way up the foot! I'm making myself some footies for around the house from some hand dyed Trendsetter Blossom yarn. This yarn is so plush-silky-soft and I love the little rainbow nylon bits that stick out. I'm really not much for novelty yarns, but I really, really love this one. It is just so cushy and smooshy. Right now I wish I had a whole blanky knit from this to cuddle and comfort me during my battle with the crud. Blech.

Happy (and healthy) New Year!

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