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Sunday, January 07, 2007  

Blogger is being a booger and I'm not able to post photos right now. I will try, try again.

Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it. So far, 2007 has really sucked. I have been sick all year, and I am dang tired of it! And it just keeps going on and on (and on!). Monday I was coming down with it, and it was not good, but it was still just a cold. Tuesday was nasty, too, but also just a cold. Wednesday it started moving into my chest and by bed time it was UGLY. My lungs were so congested that I could not breathe while lying down. If I wasn't completely vertical, I was just choking. THAT was fun. I slept sitting up in my favorite chair (Mark stayed up all night just to listen to me breathe. Do I have a good guy or what?) and I went straight to the doctor the next day. I was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis with a sinus infection - FUN! So, now I'm on antibiotics and things are starting to clear up in the cold department, but ladies, I'm sure you know what really super fun side effect antibiotics can have. So, right now it's not fun to be me. And you can tell I was REALLY sick because Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn't do a single stitch of knitting or spin a single inch! I sure did read and stare into space, groaning, a lot, but nothing fibery. And that's the real sin - all that PTO used at work and no fiber work done. And of course, now Mark is sick, too, but it seems to be a different sickness, so I could still catch that and continue on with the theme of 2007 generally sucking. *sigh*

Since becoming medicated, I have managed to get some fiber work done. I finished my first Blossom footie and the second is done to the heel. I plan on finishing tomorrow, and I'll post pictures when they're all done. I love the first one, so warm and fuzzy, so I can't wait until I can wear them. It looks like I'll manage to make the pair with just the one skein, so I'll still have a full skein left. Mom is loving the footies, too, so I think I know what the second skein will be used for! I'm still working on the BFL spinning, but it's going a lot more slowly now that vacation is over and I'm back at work. I'm still enjoying it, but I'm not quite as much in new-project-love with it. I've always been way more into planning and starting projects than seeing them through, but I'm really trying to concentrate on enjoying the process. Sticking to one (or two) projects at my snail's pace doesn't make for very interesting blogging, though. Sorry!

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