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Monday, December 04, 2006  

Hello Internets. How are you?

Oh, me? I'm tired. I'm very, very tired. Since we've last chatted, I've had a lot going on. It's been a Long Week. And today has been a Very Long Day. My dad had some major surgery today and I'm exhausted from using my mental power to keep him alive. Logically I know that there is nothing I can do about much of anything, but it doesn't keep me from banging my head against it ALL DAY LONG. But, the surgery is over and although I won't say it went well, he is alive, which is more than I was expecting. I didn't have good feelings about this surgery and I'm relieved that he's made it this far. My feelings about my dad are very twisty and complicated, but I'd really like a chance to at least make some measure of peace with him in my heart while we're both alive. I don't want to learn to forgive him after he's dead. I'm too tired to eloquently express that family stuff can be really hard. Duh, right?

So, the Long Week has not left much time for spinning and knitting. I'm still knitting holiday socks and spinning the blue stuff. Oh, and petting all the pretty stuff in my stash. I need to learn to spin and knit faster. Much faster. I want to start about 8 billion new projects right now. But after the craft room excavation, I'm tempted to make 2007 the year of finishing the UFO's. But maybe not, because that means it will be a long time until I get to start something new. Which I want to do NOW. Maybe a "one for you, one for me" system where I get to do something new for every UFO that gets completed? We'll see.

And now some job stuff. No smooth transitions here today, folks. I've been kind of vague about my job here because I'm not sure how much I want to share with the whole Internets. But I will say that I am an editor in the craft division of a publishing house. Beside my big dream of winning the lottery and being a professional sleep-in-every-morning-er, it's pretty much my dream job. It lets me exercise all my little anal perfectionistic tendencies while working with other artists and getting to see all kinds of cool crafty ideas ALL DAY LONG. Checking crochet patterns to make sure every stitch used in the patterns is in the glossary may make my eyes cross after a couple of hours, but it's about a million times better than staring at motions for the bankruptcy court every day (one of my former jobs = bankruptcy paralegal). Anyway, since I've started there, I've been assisting on bits and pieces of books for other editors. But, I found out on Friday that I'm getting my very own book to edit and it's even a knitting book! Woohoo! I'm so excited about this! My name's going to be on the copyright page and all that! Woot! And now more exclamation points!!!!

And now I'm going to go sleep. I'll try to be more human (or maybe I should be LESS human) next time.

What an uncomfortable situation. I'm awfully sorry about your dad, and I hope he pulls through. Maybe spinning will help you feel better? It certainly helps me when I need to get into a calmer, saner space.

Great news about the knitting book, though! I must say it sounds like you have a fantastic job. :-)
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