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Monday, November 06, 2006  

Well, we had the roasted veggies for dinner tonight, and the world is still turning. I guess they were only dangerous yesterday :-P

Not much is going on around here. I made it through another day at the new job, and I think I'm finally done with all the paperwork. Yea for benefits! It was also another day where I got to mostly do things that will be part of my regular job. On the fiber front, I turned the heel on my mom's sock. Very exciting, no? Mark's sock isn't really getting worked on because I keep forgetting to take it to work with me. Mom and Mark both know I'm making them socks, but I'm still trying to keep them from seeing them until the holidays, so I don't work on Mark's sock at home much, because he's there when I am. I've temporarily settled on a spinning project. I'm going to finish spinning the hand painted roving sample from a couple of posts ago and the solid I've picked to go with it. It's a nice small project to get me back in the spinning saddle again, and it's a small enough project to do along with all the socks. It's not something that will pull my attention away from the socks, it's just a nice counterpoint. Here's a pic of the two rovings laid out together. What do you think of the color combo?

The color in this shot is off a little, the handpainted roving is showing up a little more red than it really is. I think this will be a nice combo. I hope I have enough yarn to make a frilly little decorative scarf. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I'll get 225 yards out of what I have. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

Very pretty -- it reminds me of a fading sunset.
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