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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Thursday, November 09, 2006  

Well, I have been completely useless in the fiber department the past few days. Approximately half an inch of leg done on Mom's sock, four rows on Mark's sock and zero spinning. I have been, as we say in my house, all pants and no trousers.* I'm very full of ideas (and other things, as I'm sure those who know me IRL know) but not so much on production. I think the absence of the shawl as a work-in progress has seriously thrown me for a loop. My mind has been dizzily spinning from one huge project to another and to a zillion little projects as well. All the distractions that flitted across my mind while I was working on the shawl have come knocking at once, and I'm overwhelmed. All I can do right now is visit the stash and pet things and look through books and dream. Starting about five years ago, I began to feel like I had enough inspiration to keep me in projects for the rest of my life, and more just keeps coming. I'm glad I started all of this early in life, so I have time to accomplish 1/1000th of what I dream about. And if all my thoughts of knitting and spinning weren't enough, I'm thinking of new hobbies as well. I'm getting a serious jones to start sewing my own clothes, as I am a funny shape and have a difficult time finding clothes in stores that look and feel good at the same time. And I think learning to sew clothes would help me get over my fear of sweaters, because I would understand better the shapes that would compliment my body. I want to knit sweaters, but I hate the thought of putting all that work into something that ends up looking bad on me. I know it's a learning process, and everyone is supposed to have their three crappy first sweaters, but I am a slow knitter and a sweater is a major time investment for me. To not have it work out would be a huge frustration for me (as I'm sure it is for most people). So, I chicken out and avoid sweaters. So, since I have no progress to show you on ANYTHING, I'll distract you with a picture of the two fleeces I got in Rhinebeck. Oooh, look at the pretty fleeces...

Gorgeous silver Ramboullet and equally gorgeous black Shetland. I'm hoping to get a little sample of each washed up this weekend so I can dream fleecey dreams of my new goodies. But I'm not counting on it because I may still be a whirling dervish. We'll see.

*this came about from a slip of the tongue when one of us (I can't even remember whether it was Mark or I now) was trying to say all mouth and no trousers. We decided we liked all pants and no trousers MUCH better :-D

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