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Wednesday, November 01, 2006  

Right now, I'm feeling a bit adrift on the seas of change. With the shawl on hiatus, and starting a new job this week, my world feels a bit tumbly-bumbly. I can't tell you how focused I was on the shawl for the month (or s0) before Rhinebeck. It was constantly on my mind, wondering when I could squeeze in just a few more stitches, would I make "quota" for the day, would it be finished for Rhinebeck. I think this obsession was partially my mind's attempt to distract me from my misery with my last job. And the rest was just because I'm a total nutjob.

Anyway, now I'm back and for better or worse, the shawl was what it was when I was in Rhinebeck. So that huge weight is off my mind. But nothing fibery has truly stepped in to fill the void. I'm working on two pairs of socks for holiday gifties, but they are simple and aren't satisfying my appetite.

At this point, I have several options that I could pursue (along with the holiday knitting). It's getting too close to my bedtime to outline them all here, but I'll start with option one and save the rest for future blog fodder. Option one is one of the more responsible (read: less fun) options. It is to pull out ALL my unfinished projects (oh, the horror) and evaluate them. I can see what I want to scrap, what I want to continue with and what I want to change direction with. And then actually do it (that, unfortunately, is the sticking point) So, in that vein, here is a pic of the first round of UFO's.

The spinning UFO's

In the top row to the left there are some singles I was spinning from a sample of hand dyed fiber I received when I purchased some roving from a destashing sale. I figured if I spun the sample gossamer weight and plied with a gossamer single of a solid coordinating fiber I'd have enough for a decorative lace scarf. I plan on finishing this spinning. The hand dyed singles are nearly done and I think working on the solid singles will be a good way to get my spinning back up to form after my break. In the top row to the right are some cashmere singles I was spinning a bit thicker than my usual weight (but still laceweight). There's not a lot here, I don't want to keep spinning with this weight, and I'm not sure what to do with these singles. I guess I could ply it and knit amulet bags or sachets out of the yarn. Or knit some swatches to attach to some artist trading cards. Or... something. This one will take some thought.

On the bottom left are some singles spun from Crosspatch Creations/Three Bags Full Fiber in the colorway Tammany's Prize. These singles are OLD. You can see the original spinning in my archives! I think I had originally planned to do a three ply yarn and knit a hat for myself (I'll have to double check the archives for that LOL). Now I'm thinking maybe a cabled clutch with bamboo handles. I do plan on spinning the rest of the fiber into singles and I think I'll have to finish the planning at that point. This bobbin holds one of the three batts of fiber totalling four ounces. Bottom middle are laceweight singles of Bountiful's Black Lake fiber blend. I don't really feel like pursuing a project in this fiber at this time, although it is lovely and I enjoy spinning it. I don't know whether to leave the singles on the bobbin until I actually do feel like spinning this, or if this yarn should meet a similar fate to the cashmere. Even if I did want to work on this fiber now, I'd do it with my Woolee Winder and these singles are on an original Ashford bobbin, so these singles are pretty much toast as far as a large project go. Bottom right is some Spinderella's fiber that I don't know the name of. Maybe, possible Grey Mist. This is one of my original attempts at lace spinning and even older than Tammany's Prize. The fiber is a bit overspun and rougher than what I prefer to spin now. I have some more of the fiber, but I don't really enjoy spinning it and at this point my fiber time is too limited to spin stuff I don't enjoy. Another one for the thinking cap. I'm torn between plying it on itself and plying it with a commercial yarn, maybe a silk yarn painted in rainbow colors.

Not pictured is a bobbin full of laceweight singles of Gaywool Merino silk in the Koala colorway. I have more fiber, but I think I have enough singles to ply them and make a scarf for my mom, which was my original plan for the fiber. I think I'll just do that and save the remaining fiber for another project, or destash it sometime.

So there you have it, the spinning UFO's. My little walk down memory lane (aka the walk of shame) will continue. Any ideas/suggestions for any of these fibers, please let me know! I think this will be a long process, and I'll need all the help I can get!

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