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Wednesday, November 08, 2006  

I know I haven't been back to the blogging world for long, but I really need some help right now, so I'm putting out the call for anyone who's feeling compassionate. I'm in a dire situation and I've tried to take care of it myself, but I'm not having any luck, and I'm getting desparate. Could someone please, please come to Cincinnati and knock me over the head with someone heavy? I'm hoping it will knock the idea of tatting a shawl out of my head. Tatting. A. Shawl. I've clearly gone over the edge. Send reinforcements.

No time to travel from Philly to Cincinnati, especially since such a trip would necessitate a side trip to Pittsburgh to visit the parental units and haul a large heavy treadmill back to Philly, so the best I can do is a virtual smack upside the head with my heaviest cast iron frying pan. And this is a heavy sucker - my mother-in-law used to fry chicken in this thing in the olden days.

It would be lovely, but you would be certifiable long before you were done. So, unless you like that no-arm, hugging-yourself, wrap-around look - don't go there!
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