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Monday, March 31, 2003  

Well, I survived my first day. Basically what I'm doing is drafting documents for bankruptcy cases. It's mostly data gathering and entry, nothing particularly difficult. I just have to learn the different ways that every county does things. Right now, I've only been handling cases in Columbus, so that's the only way I know how to do things, but I'm sure I'll be introduced to other ways soon enough. And apparently Columbus is the easiest of all, which means that the worst is yet to come. In some ways, I'm glad they're starting me out easy, but in others, I really, really wish they had started me out on the worst so it could get easier. It's already a little overwhelming, but I'd prefer to get the worst out of the way and then move on. But I guess they disagreed. Oh well. I'm still freaking about working 40 hours a week and today was pretty crunched for time, but I'll just have to work out a schedule for myself. And sometimes I'll go out to lunch instead of packing and that will save me some time every now and again.

But the new job didn't keep me from fibery stuff! As a matter of fact, I worked on my first pair of Sockotta socks on the bus to and from work today! I did up the swatches last night. I did a swatch on both size one and two needles, to see which I preferred and I ended up liking the ones.

On ones I got exactly 25 stitches = 3". So, for my 8" circumference foot, I cast on 60 stitches and I'm already done with the toe. But there's a problem:

For some reason, there are holes along the one side seam on the toe! The other side is perfectly fine and I didn't do anything different from what I usually do, but there are big gaping holes along the seam! This is distressing, to say the least. Fortunately they're on the side of the toe where the tail of yarn is, so I'm going to try to reinforce the seam when I sew in the end. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll start over again and do it when I'm not on the bus so that I can concentrate. But I don't think concentration is the problem because the other side is fine! Grrrr! And to top it all off, Mark is being as frustrating as the sock! What is the matter with men? Arg! Anyway, the sock isn't even all I've been up to. I really wanted to get started on my full sized ostrich plume scarf, but part of me also wanted all the yarn spun (and bob finished) before I started that particular knitting project. But I was starting to feel like it was the same old, same old at the end of my vacation, so I started plying. I finished Saturday night, skeined and washed it Sunday and then balled it on my ball winder today (I wonder if I'll get any weird hits from web searches for putting balled in my blog? :-) So, now I'm ready to start knitting the scarf and I've got about zero free time and zero energy. I don't know when I'll even finish bob, let alone start this big of a project. But the yarn is beautiful and I'm very happy with it! See? Here it is drying on the back on my rocking chair on top of the Wool Peddler's Shawl and next to the blocked swatch:

It is so pretty wrapped up in a ball. It looks like a faceted jewel with the different colors peaking through the top layer of yarn. I stuck a film canister in the center to keep in falling in on itself. I've now spun up about a quarter of the roving, including the two 50 yard swatches. The total roving was about 2 ounces, so I've spun about half an ounce and gotten the equivalent of 325 yards of three ply yarn (equivalent because there were 50 yard of two ply, 100 yards of singles, or 33 yards of three ply), which means I'm spinning at about 10,400 yards per pound. And it's three ply, so I'm pretty proud of myself. A friend of mine teases me about spinning frog hair, but I figure I might as well do it now while my eyes are still good enough for it and I have the patience. I can't wait to see this scarf when it's finished. It's really going to be gorgeous! And that's not bragging about my own work, it's more the colors, which I have no responsibility for, unfortunately. I only wish I were as good as Carol, aka the Silkworker.

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