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Tuesday, March 11, 2003  

Well, I didn't get ALOT done at FOOSN, but more than usual so it seems like a lot! On Sunday, I worked on Mom's sock first. But then I realized that the 1x1 ribbing was too big, so I had to tear it all out and start over. This was very, very frustrating to me because I hate 1x1 ribbing and to tear it out and have to do it again just hurts me! So, I gave up for the night and set it aside until Monday. After I gave up on the sock for the night, I pulled out my Ashford Joy DT (Sophie) and worked on spinning up some more Box Office. I actually got a good bit done, so I was happy with that. It wasn't as much as I had hoped to get done, but a respectable dent none the less. I worked on that until the wee hours, then headed home to collapse into bed next to Mark. And then I got up early and headed back for another day of fun! I started out with the sock because I just had to get the bugger done! Between all the talking and greeting of folks as they arrived, it was lunch time before I bound off the dang sock! But it was done!!!! And I'm so happy with it! The cuff looks a bit loose in the picture from yesterday because it was made for my very thin mom and big ol' me tried it on just to see the finished product and that tight little cuff and my sturdy thigh had a power struggle and the sock lost. I'm hoping it will spring back after a good washing. If it doesn't I'll run some elastic thread through the cuff to tighten it down. It still fit Mom pretty well when she tried it on, though, so it really shouldn't be a problem (I hope!). So, we'll see. Once the sock was done, everyone wanted me to start the next one so I could show Wendy's short row toe technique, but I needed a break from socks for a second. So, I cast on for Mom's fuzzy feet. All I needed was to work my way through the cuff with the Multi-Fizz, which for me is the toughest part. So, I got those six rows done, and I was finally ready for the second sock. I got the toe finished yesterday, and today I added about and inch and a half so far, though I hope to add more later tonight. So, once everyone had seen the toe technique, I was free to do whatever I wanted :-) So, I decided to be a good girl and I finished sewing in the ends of the Wool Peddler's Shawl that I finished a MONTH ago! So, I sewed in the ends and that was a far as I could get while I was at FOOSN. But when I got home, I decided to be an EXTRA good girl and wash and block the bugger. And I knew that washing and blocking stretched the piece, but WOW! It stretched about ten inches! So I probably could have skipped all those extra repeats! Also, washing it softened it considerably, so where I was happy with the shawl before, I'm thrilled with it now! Here are the obligatory pics! Here's the shawl laying out to dry. I just sort of "blocked" it by hand and the friction from the carpet held it in place. After I took this picture, I noticed the row of yo's down the center was crooked, so I fixed that and then just let it dry:

It was too big to get the entire shawl in the picture, so sorry for the cut off corners! And here's me wearing it (no, this isn't how I intend to wear it all the time! My arms would get mighty tired if I did that ;-)

This is more how I plan to wear it:

I had some pictures from the front, but I'm pretty frumpy tonight. I need a shower and I'm wearing my glasses, so the back view is all you get tonight at least. Maybe tomorrow when I'm looking a bit prettier, Mark can get a shot of me wearing it from the front. Of course, spring is finally starting to slowly sneak in, so I won't get much wear out of it for awhile. But winter will be back, never fear, and I'll have plenty of opportunity again sooner than I'd wish! Anyway, I'm off to work some more on the second sock because I can't wait for the socks to be finished! Good night all!

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