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Sunday, March 02, 2003  

There's nothing like a lazy Sunday for working on knitting. I've more than doubled the length of my Ostrich Plumes swatch/amulet bag. I'm surprised how much pink is showing up in the knitting, because it didn't seem to be so strong in the roving. But maybe I just happened to ply a very pink part when I made the three ply yarn. Here's what it looks like so far:

Beside the excess of pink, which is not my favorite color, I'm very happy with the way it's turning out. I had meant to make it only three inches wide and seven and a half inches long, but it turned out wider, so now I'm making it longer so that the bag will look well proportioned. I'm up to about eight and half inches, and I think ten will do the trick, so I'll probably finish within the next couple of days. It depends on how much "other stuff" I have to do (you know, work, housework, insignificant things like that :-) My plan right now is to line the bag with white silk, but that may change as well. I was also thinking teal might be a pretty color to line the bag with. I have been very bad though, while I worked on this bag. I wanted to have Mark's second fuzzy foot done by today so that I could felt it while I was at my mom's, but I haven't even started it. Oops! I guess it will have to wait for another wash day, either this Wednesday or next Sunday. I'll see when I have the time to do it. Not tomorrow, because I'm going to be making king cake! Not the fancy pastry kind, just a regular cake that's decorated wildly with a baby in it, of course. Actually, if I'm feeling lazy I may just make rice crispie treats and put yellow, green and purple sprinkles on top. It's just to have a treat to bring into work to brighten up the day. Work is going better than it was before, which is good because I still haven't heard from the people who interviewed me two and a half weeks ago. And it's not that the interview went badly, or that they don't want me. It's that the company who is looking for employers is using a recruiter (who loved me) and they haven't responded to the recruiter yet, even though she sent in my resume over two weeks ago. The recruiter told me that this company is just really busy, but you'd think if they're that busy, that they'd want to get me in that much sooner! But who knows, right? Either way, I have a job and a paycheck and that's a blessing, even if I REALLY don't want to go tomorrow :-) I'm SO tired right now, and I know that 6:00 is very, very close! Closer than anyone would think, ready to pounce with the EH EH EH of my alarm. God, I hate the sound of my alarm. It is the most gleefully malicious sound I have ever heard in my life. It's almost a mocking laugh. EH EH EH, you have to drag your self out of bed. EH EH EH, you're not a millionaire by 23, so you have to go into a job where you're overworked, under paid and under appreciated. EH EH EH, your boyfriend gets to stay home warm in bed (but he works evenings, so he has the whole day to anticipate having to go to work, instead of just a half hour or so of consciousness before he hits the road). Okay, sorry, enough whining about my alarm. Sorry about that, I guess I'm tired and grumpy! Okay, thinking happy knitting thoughts. Much better. I think in my spare minutes tomorrow, I'll start Mark's second fuzzy feet so they can keep his feet warm these last few weeks of winter. Maybe they'll bring on spring. Maybe the universe will say "ha ha, you finally finished his warm winter slippers, so here's spring!" It would be rather nasty of the universe, but spring would be here, so that would cushion the blow! Well, it's time for me to start the journey to dream land where there will be tulips and daffodils! Ah, spring, I long for it!

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