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Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

So, I made my day off the Official Finishing Stuff So I Can Start My Sweater Day (OFSSICSMSD for short :-) And actually, I got a lot more done than I ever thought I would. And looky looky who my first victim was:

It got abandoned for a little while there, but I decided it was time to pick it up and finish it off. It would be awfully silly to start the sweater one day without ever finishing the swatch! Plus, I want to have it finished and ready to use, whatever it turns out to be. So now I pin blocked it and I'm pretty sure the next step will either be to steam it or spray it with some water and let it dry while it's still pinned. I just remember hearing that silk is very delicate when wet and I don't want to ruin this piece. So, I'm going to do a little more research tomorrow and just leave it blocked for the time being.

The next victim was my mom's second sock, which I didn't manage to finish, unfortunately, but I'm only five rows of 1x1 ribbing away from completing it, as well. So, all in all not a bad OFSSICSMSD! I'll finish the sock tomorrow and start my sweater as soon as my swatch has been washed and I can properly estimate the number of stitches to cast on. So, I'm off to bed to get my beauty sleep for my very last day of work at my job. I don't start the new one until the 31st, so I'll have some nice time off in between, which I'm desperately in need of! Yippee! Goodnight!

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