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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Wednesday, March 05, 2003  



That's right, I was a very good girl and dropped everything to work on Mark's fuzzy feet to get them ready to felt by tonight. And here they are. Yea! And, he surprised me and came home early tonight from work, so I got to see him before I went to bed. He even tried on the fuzzies and he loves them. It turns out I am now a felting goddess with great powers to judge when fuzzy feet will fit. With very rough measurements, I felted to the perfect size. What a lame super-power. I was hoping for the ability to poop money. I can only imagine what my super hero costume will look like. It will of course have to be felt, which I think is so un-super-hero-like. And now I've side-tracked into the land of sleepy silly Jenni. Sorry to take you on that little ride, folds. Okay, ANYHOO, there is more news. I was fibbing a bit when I said I dropped everything. I have gotten a couple more inches on the Ostrich Plumes bag done. It's past where I thought I would stop, but there's a small amount of yarn left and I hate to waste it, so I'm just going to knit until I run out. It's getting to the size where it may become a change purse or some such thing, because I think it will be a bit large for a amulet bag. I'll measure when I run out of yarn and then decide. Maybe a tie for Mark :-) I don't think it will be THAT long :-) I'm also slowly but surely working up the leg of Mom's sock. I love the yarn and I really want her to have something I made, but I'm getting really tired of ribbing. And doing the ribbing tonight after blazing through Mark's second fuzzy foot was really tough. Going from knitting, knitting, knitting, to knit two, purl two really threw me off stride. But I need to finish for her. I really want her to have something that I made that she can wear.

Oh yeah, may I just say how much I love Spring Knitty! Especially Bob. Instead of the All Seasons, though, I plan on using Cotton Ease. I went up to Hobby Lobby Today and the price is right and it's only ten minutes from my house, so it's the poor girl's choice! I'm thinking I'll go with pistachio because I want something really springy and I don't wear pink or yellow well. Actually, sometimes I do okay in yellow, so maybe the pale yellow.... hmmmmm, decisions decisions. I'm waiting to buy it until it goes on sale because I have other things to keep me busy for awhile and I might as well save money if I can. Hobby Lobby always has sales on yarn, so it will probably come up soon, especially since everyone is going to want to try out the new cotton yarns for spring and summer. So I'll keep my little eye open and my sale sensor on :-) Anyway, I'll try for an update picture of Ostrich Plumes tomorrow, I just didn't feel like pinning it out tonight. The longer it gets, the longer it takes me to pin it out for pictures.

Here's some non-knitting stuff for anyone who's interested. Today I really felt like baking, so I made some lemon poppy seed muffins from Cooking Light's web site. They were pretty good, but I'm going to make some improvements. They were too dry and not sweet enough, so I'm going to substitute some of the oil for applesauce for less fat and more sweetness and also try adding a bit extra applesauce on top of that to moisten them. They're REALLY good with some raspberry jam though. That sweetens them and moistens them, so it's a good temporary fix. Here are my beautiful creations :-)

I know they look like biscuits and not muffins, but that's because of the dryness. Also, tonight while I was over my mom's house I took some pictures of my birds, Elmo and SuzyQ. I'm allergic to all normal household pets with fur (but not sheep for some reason... lucky me, I can still use wool!) so it was fish, birds, or reptiles. We started out with fish, but they were boring and died fast, Mom couldn't take reptiles, and I love birds, so birds it was. These two little guys are budgies and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I would love to have an African Grey one day though. Elmo is the albino and SuzyQ is the crazy skinny one.

Suzy is stretching in the picture, so don't worry, there's nothing wrong with her wing. They are really special little guys. A lot of people think that parakeets and budgies are the dumbest birds around, but I've found mine to be quite smart. Elmo learned to sing the tunes we tried to teach my cockatiel (now gone :-( and SuzyQ can untie anything. I got Elmo first and my mom just rolled her eyes when she saw my choice. Out of an entire cage of brightly colored blue green and yellow budgies, I pick the only albino. He came straight to my hand, which was very unusual for a budgie. Usually they're much more skittish. But Elmo is a people-bird. Suzy, on the other hand does NOT like people. She will ONLY sit on my hand, and she occasionally lets me kiss and pet her, but it's RARE that she's feeling that friendly. She will also buzz my mom when she feels it's time for the food dishes to be refilled. The love the cores of bell peppers and cheerios, and when we give them wet pepper tops they roll around in them to take a bath. Watching these two bathe is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I really love my birds and I miss them. But we didn't want to move them during the winter. I'm still not sure I'll move them at all, I'm worried how a new environment would affect them. And I still get to visit. Thery are cuties, though, so I thought I'd show off :-) Okay, off to bed, another LONG day at work ahead of me tomorrow.

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