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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Saturday, March 15, 2003  

Okay, sorry for the lack of posting this week. I've been so busy between preparing to demo spinning at my old college, getting my loom, getting this new job, FOOSN, and keeping the apartment semi-decent that I just haven't really had the time or energy, or been in the mood, to post. The few moments of free time I've had this week I've wanted to spend "doing" rather than "writing about it." Plus, since spring is in the air, I want to make some changes to my blog and those marbles are rolling around in my head. The whole reason I started blogging was mostly for myself (which is good because so far, I've been drawing a pretty small audience LOL) and I wanted it to be a kind of running journal about the projects I'm working on, ideas I'm having, etc that I can look back on when I want to know more about a process or want ideas for projects. I have so many ideas that I can't do them all at once, and I wanted a way to document these little gems so they don't get lost by the wayside. But this isn't really working for me. Flipping though my archives for the ideas I've had would be really time consuming, because I'd have to read every entry, unless I start making my new ideas a different color from the rest of the text (hey, that's not a bad idea. I just thought it up while I was writing this. Maybe I'll try that.) Anyway, I'm not getting everything I want from blogging the way I am now, so I'm trying to think of ways to accomplish all my goals. So, I might not be blogging as much as usual until things slow down a bit around here and until I decide exactly how I want to handle things. I'll keep you updated on anything exciting that happens, though! I'm off to do some spinning now, and I'll write more soon (hopefully).

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