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Monday, March 10, 2003  

Okay, quick FOOSN update. There will be much more tomorrow, I promise! Here's one of the things I did over the past two days:

That's right I finished Mom's first sock! The dang thing! I switched to 1x1 ribbing, decided it wasn't tight enough, ripped back, started over after reducing the number of stitches, and finally have something I'm happy with. There are tiny holes where I finished the short row heel and restarted knitting in the round, and I'm not happy about those, but I learned how to fix those today, so they won't be in the next sock, which makes me happy. Besides that, I'm tickled pink with the sock. I love the yarn, I love the colors, and I can't wait until they're a pair and we can wash them and Mom can start wearing them. As a matter of fact, I was so excited about having finished one that I stopped by Mom's on the way home from FOOSN and had her try on the finished sock. So here's a picture of that:

It's nearly a perfect fit. It's a touch big, but I wanted that because I'm thinking since it's cotton it will shrink a bit after the first wash and ten will really be perfect. She loves it, so I'm a happy happy girl. I've already finished the toe of the second and am a few rows into the knitting in the round. I can't wait until these are done and Mom finally has an FO from me! Okay, tomorrow you get to hear about the rest of my FOOSN goings-on! Goodnight!

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