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Monday, March 03, 2003  

Just another manic Monday! Seriously, today at work was SO crazy! It was a long, hard day. And of course, I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I felt like a zombie. Today was pretty much all physical labor and it was really miserable, and at one point I think I was in a "standing sleep" because I was thinking how miserable today was and suddenly I had the awful thought that this might be a dream and I still had work AHEAD of me, instead of half a day already over. This kind of jolted me and luckily it wasn't a dream and my day WAS more than halfway over. But it was still a rough day at work. And I was just such a grump. I got back to my office and there was a voicemail from Mark letting me know someone wanted him to fill in for them tonight, and was that okay with me. It was 2:50 when I got the message and work for him starts at three, so when I called, he told me it was too late anyway (with a kind of sigh). Well, I'd had the day from hell and I would have SO rather been sitting in my office so I could have received his call than down doing what I was doing, so I kind of snapped at him. I thought I'd hear about it when I got home, but instead when I got home he'd cleaned the bathroom for me because he didn't want me to come home to housework after such a rough day. Do I have the best guy or what? He really is the best sometimes (a lot of the time). So if you're reading this, thanks again honey! You're the best, and you're definitely getting fuzzy feet now! So, when I got home I had no chores to do (yea!) So, I read my daily reads and checked my email. My old fiber arts professor had emailed me back, telling me to call her home number about the looms. I did, but she wasn't home, so I left a message. She did get back to me tonight and she has a 36" LeClerc for a really reasonable price, so I'm thinking of getting it. This week is spring break for them, so she can't meet me until next week, but I'm thinking I'll take off of work early and go in and demonstrate spinning to her students and see the loom. She wants cash, so that may be tough, but I think it's too good to pass up. My mom said she's more than willing to loan me the money, because she'd like to learn a bit about weaving, too, so I can do it if I decide I want to. Well, of course I want to, but I can do it if I think I can handle all the other bills and paying her back! Anyway, before dinner I grabbed a shower and while I was combing out my hair I caught a glimpse of my shadow on the wall. The late afternoon sunlight was streaming through the sheer panels over my windows and had silhouetted me on the wall. I loved it and had to take a self portrait. So I grabbed the camera and I love the results. I'm putting the picture as a separate window because, well, I was naked when I took the picture. And I'm a woman, so I have breasts... and so does my shadow. So while this isn't "obsene" there may be a few very sensitive souls out there who don't want to see my exact shadow. So, if you think you will find this at all in any way offensive, just don't look at the picture. So, with that said, if you'd like to see what I consider to be an awesome self portrait, click here: shadow 4.JPG In knitting news, not much happened today. Between work and trying to wind down from work, I didn't have much time. I did do a few rows on the Ostrich Plumes, and I started Mark's second fuzzy foot, like a good girl. I got about two inches done on the cuff, so it's not a bad start. Maybe if I work REALLY hard on it, it will be done in time to felt on Wednesday (but it's doubtful). Hey everyone happy 3/3/03. I have to hit the bed now, because I have a lot of resting to do before I hit the salt mines again. Make it a great day!

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