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Tuesday, March 18, 2003  

I have not gotten a lick of fibery stuff done today :-( Yet. Tomorrow is my day off, so I get to stay up late and I plan on spending some time spinning Box Office. It's really going super slow because I've been working so much on knitting. I'm enjoying Box Office and I can't wait to start the full sized scarf from it, but I'm already getting the urge to start trying something new. For the demo I did last week at Xavier, I had to dig through my fiber stash to pull out different types of fibers and preparations. I found some things that I'd semi-forgotten about and it brought back all kinds of ideas I'd had for the fibers when I bought them. So now I'm getting my usual urge to project-hop. I'd love to see how some of the other silks I've bought spin up, I'd love to make some socks out of the wool roving I dyed myself, all kinds of things. So I feel my attention drifting from Box Office. And as the queen of justification, I keep telling myself, well I'll just spin up a tiny sample, then go back to Box Office. Yeah right. I'll start on something else, then something else, and next thing I know I haven't worked on Box Office in six months, I need a bobbin, so I wind it off and it sits forlornly, never to be touched again. Well, that's a bit of an overstatement. But it still wouldn't bode well for the completion of Box Office if I started spinning a different fiber. So I'll try to resist temptation for now and keep on spinning. It is beautiful and I do love spinning it, I just am getting the 7 year itch (but in this case, it's the 7 week? itch :-) Anyway, I'll let you know if I start cheating on Box Office. And I worked on the Project Bob page a bit to show you the format I'm thinking of for my project documents, so let's see if it's better this time. If not, I'm walking away from it for a few days to keep me from "fixing" my computer with a sledge hammer! So without further ado: Project Bob.htm

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