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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Saturday, March 08, 2003  

How excited am I about meeting up with my fiber group tomorrow? VERY excited :-) I love this group SO MUCH and I've missed the meetings the last two months in a row :-( That has made me very sad. The one in January I missed because it was the weekend after Mark and I moved in together and I hated to leave him when we were just starting out this new phase. And the one in February I missed because of work (stupid work). And I have missed them so much. They are all such special people and have been such inspirations for me. Every time I go, I come back revved up, with new ideas and directions to go with my fiber arts. The event is called FOOSN, which stands for Finish Old Or Start New. I do a lot more SN'ing that FOO'ing, but there are no rules to FOOSN, just get together, gab, have fun, and eat. I never get much done, but since it's both Sunday and Monday instead of just Monday, I think I may get more done than usual. My goals for FOOSN are to: finish Mom's first sock, start Mom's second sock and show everyone how to do Wendy's toe up sock pattern, get some more of the Box Office silk spun, finish knitting what's left of the three ply Box Office sample skein into an amulet bag, and maybe start Mom's fuzzy feet and my knitting bag. That's a tall order, and I'll probably get very little of it done, but it's always good to dream. Speaking of dreaming, check out the dreamy silks that came in the mail for me from Carol, The Silk Worker

Bottom left is Shenanigans, a nice pastel blend that's mostly yellow, top left is Tea Ceremony, mostly a peachy-pink with lots of beautiful pastels blended in, bottom right is Huntress, a brooding combo of navy, teal, maroon, and purple, and finally top right is Wings Of Song, made mostly of roses and browns with some blue and green thrown in for fun. I love them all, and I know they'll make bee-you-tee-ful scarves, shawls, etc one day. The emphasis being on one day! The length of time it's taking me just to do Box Office indicates to me that the amount of silk I've purchased will keep me busy for quite some time. It's embarrassing how much I've purchased from Carol, really. All I have to say in my defense is that she is one of the most talented dyers I have run across in my search for beautiful colorways. And the fact that they're all unique and one-ofs makes them that much more addictive. I need to hit the lotto! I am just getting so mad with myself lately. Mark and I are doing way better than I thought we would financially now that we're out on our own. Depending on the week I only work 20-28 hours and I don't get paid that well. It's nice compared to what I made taking orders for pizza, but it's really not much in the big scheme of things. And we're comfortable. We can eat out a couple times a week, we can afford to rent movies, I can still afford fiber stuff, all the luxuries we're used to. We buy the groceries we want, not just what's on sale (though we do try to catch things we love when they're on sale and buy extra). But we're COMFORTABLE, which is way more than I expected. I thought this whole thing would be a struggle. Our rent is more than we had planned for, and it's still not a problem. We're doing really well, all things considered. But I've been so desirous lately. I want to buy everything I see. Spring is coming, so I want new clothes. There are still some things we need for the apartment, like the darn entertainment center. And I want fiber stuff. More fiber stuff than one human being will need in her entire life. I'm going to look at this loom this week, and though the loom is a great price, it means I'll need all kinds of other things, like different sized reeds, a warping board, bobbins, shuttles, a slaying hook. And much, much more. Mark is probably going to fill my Easter basket with that stuff, so then THAT's not enough. Now I'm going crazy looking through Robin and Russ's sample cards, picking out yarns that I want to buy to weave with. And then today the SpinSales list had an add about Shetland Fleeces, so I want to buy a fleece to process, and that revives my whole desire to process a fleece. And so today I go to Red Bud Wool Farm and am again in total lust over their fleeces, even though I thought I got over that before Christmas. And I'm in this buying frenzy even though I'm about to make a major purchase and money is getting a little tight this month because of some unexpected expenses, like the interview suit I bought Thursday. Yeah, it was a great deal, but there's $90 I hadn't counted on spending, and it puts my modest budget in a skid (not quite a tailspin, just a little wiggle :-) So, here I am with a great new apartment, feeling very comfortable, with tons of crafting supplies, including enough wool and silk to spin for the rest of my life, enough quilt material for 100 quilts, enough tatting thread to make a tea cozy for a sports arena, and enough yarn to last me the year. And am I satisfied? Of course not. I feel like I'm defective. I have so much, so much more than I need and I'm not satisfied. I really deserve a kick in the pants from the universe to make me grateful for what I have (but I really hope I don't get one!) Anyway, there's my mini-rant about my hatred for my inner consumer. Sorry you had to witness that :-) And now back to the regularly scheduled happy FOOSN feelings (of course, FOOSN will just make me want to try MORE new things, thus perpetuating this nasty cycle) Sigh, the joys of being an obsessed fiber artist! You probably won't hear from me for a couple of days because I'll be immersed in FOO'ing and SN'ing. Have a great weekend!

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