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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Sunday, March 23, 2003  

All I have to say about these is... OH HELL YEAH!

Ever since Not Martha mentioned these little puppies, I've been on a mad hunt to find them! I finally tracked them down today and ZOWIE are they good! And the ad they have for them (!@%#$ these are spicy) is very, very accurate! They were REALLY spicy! But I love spicy and these reminded me of ginger beer, which I love, so all in all, I'm very happy that I found some today and that I'm singing off my taste buds with them :-)

So, you ask, where the heck is any fiber content. Oh, it's coming my friend, it's coming :-)

I needed a little break from everything to mourn the passing of my old job. I'm glad I'm getting out of there, but it wasn't all bad, and in fact it was pretty good until after Christmas. And it was my first "real" job and it got me where I am today. I was there exactly six months on Monday, which to me is still a long time. When I think of all the things that have changed in my life in those past six months, it feels like decades. This job did a lot for me, and while it was definitely a love-hate relationship, I'll always be thankful that I had this job when I did. It was a good start. And now I'm excited about starting my new job and I'm trying to take full advantage of the time I have off between. So, I have indeed been fibering the past couple days, even though I haven't been writing about it. First off, I finally finished Mom's socks on Thursday. I'm happy that they're done, and I'm pretty happy with the results, but of course they'll never meet my exacting standards (I'm just a teensy bit of a perfectionist... and all you who actually know me can stop laughing your asses off right about... now!) Here they are right after I finished binding off:

And if you think you notice any differences between the socks, well you're wrong, I tell you, WRONG! One sock is NOT noticeably smaller than the other, there is NOT less white in the one and the colors DO NOT pool differently in the two socks, they just don't I tell you! They're the same size with the same proportion of colors and the same semi-pattern. Because I can make it so with the power of my mind, that's why! Heehee. But mom still likes them and says they fit fine. Here's a pic from last night of her wearing them.

So, now the test is to throw them in the washer and see what happens. Mom won't fuss with anything she has to handwash, so if it doesn't survive the washer that's no big deal because it means she wouldn't have worn them in the first place. In retrospect, I should have washed the swatch before I made the socks to see how the yarn reacted to the washing machine, but oh well :-) I was too eager to start the socks and now I just have to give it a whirl (literally :-) So, with the socks done, I was officially ready to start my sweater! My very first sweater! My lovely, lovely sweater that I can't wait to wear! Here's what I have so far:

I started late last night and I only have eight rows done, but it's a start and I'm very excited about making my first sweater! I really love the yarn, too. Its very soft and it's a great color. I even machine washed and dried the swatch and it's great, even softer washed! I'll update you as it actually starts to resemble a sweater! The other fibery thing I did today was some bead shopping. It doesn't sound very fiber-y at the surface, but it will when I tell you what the beads are for...

The box office scarf! I've decided to make some radical changes to my idea of how box office would look. Instead of knitting it width-wise, I've decided to knit it length-wise, cutting the yarn at the end of every row, then knotting the ends together to make a fringe, and I'm going to bead the fringe with the beads show. This will also give the long edges the ripply waves you can see at the end of the swatch from my last blog entry. This is going to be one fancy scarf, let me tell you! But this way, I know I'll get the length I want, which is more important to me than the width. I'd like the scarf to end up being about eight inches wide, but I'd rather have it be long enough and only six inches wide, than eight inches wide and three feet long! That would be horrible! Anyway, that's what I've been up to, and it will hopefully be more of the same this whole next week, just lots of fibery goodness! I'm off to bed because it's late and I'm tired! I'll keep you updated as i plug along on my pet projects :-) Hope you're having a great weekend!

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