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Monday, February 24, 2003  

You want pictures? Oh, I got pictures. You want an entry? I got your entry right here. *heehee*

I really have to start writing my entries every day, as opposed to this sporadic schedule, because now that it’s been a few days I have about fifty bazillion pictures to show off. It’s not ALL my fault, because blogger was being wonky and not taking pictures on Thursday, but it’s pretty much my fault :-) So, if anyone has been waiting anxiously for my next post, sorry it took me so long, and here it is (though I doubt anyone was out there biting their nails over it!)

So, first things first. The fuzzy feet! Like I said on Thursday, I’m in love with my reworked version. It fits so well, and it’s so snuggly and nice! I just wish I had enough yarn to make another one. As it is, I’m limping around with just the one on! I’ll order the yarn to finish my pair soon, but I’m just trying to think if there’s anything I want to get along with it because I hate to just order one ball of yarn and pay all that postage. But, Woodland Wool Works just came out with their spinning catalog and there are a few things I’d like from it, so maybe I’ll order some spinning stuff to come with the yarn. Anyway, here are the pictures of my fuzzy foot. First the pictures of the big one and little one before felting:

And here’s a picture of my mom wearing each one, so you can see the post-felting differences:

I must have had the exact right number of stitches in the smaller one, because the Multi-fizz striped on the cuff of the smaller one. I think that is just TOO COOL! Like I said, I’m really happy with the smaller one! I’m now working on Mark’s pair of fuzzy feet, but I haven’t even finished the first one yet. I’m working on the gussets at the moment, then onto the foot and the toe and voila! finished with number one. I’m going to felt both of Mark’s at the same time, so I’m hoping that I’ll have them done by the weekend. After that it will be time for Mom’s pair, which is going to be the same size as mine, only purple instead of blue. And then finally my knitted bag. And after that, who knows? Anyway, here’s a picture of Mark’s fuzzy foot in progress. I really like this color combo. I’m also going to include a little double charcoal stripe further down on the foot.

When I’m not working on my fuzzy feet, I’ve been working on Mom’s sock. I’m past the heel, but it’s going to end up taking longer than I thought because she wants a leg instead of just an ankle sock. I’ll be working in 2x2 ribbing until about half-way to the knee, or until I run out of yarn, whichever comes first. I’m REALLY happy with the way this sock is turning out, which is much better than my first one. It’s a perfect fit. Perfect length, perfect heel width, perfect everything! And even more important Mom’s happy with it and thinks it’s nice and comfy. I can’t wait to finish the pair for her so she can start wearing them. I’ll probably work exclusively on them after Mark’s fuzzy feet are done and before I start hers. Of course, the fuzzy feet go so fast and if I did those first, she’d end up with something I knitted for her a lot faster than if I try to finish the socks first. Decisions, decisions. Oh, well, at least I have until the end of Mark’s fuzzy feet to decide! I’m also really wanting to start my cotton chenille face cloths, so we’ll see what wins my attention. Anyway, here’s a picture of Mom wearing her sock :-)

In other fibery news, I’ve been working on my silk spinning whenever I haven’t felt like knitting. This is silk from The Silk Worker, a.k.a. Carol. I am in love with her stuff! So in love with it, that I’m bidding on more today on ebay! Very bad girl I am! So bad in fact that I won’t admit how many of her lovely silks I’ve bought. Let’s just say more than I probably should. The colorway I’m spinning now was a birthday present from Mark and Carol named it box office. I’m more inclined to call it black opal. It’s actually a blue base, but so are most black opals. Here’s the roving, laid out all neat and tidy.

And here are my little piles of silk, after splitting the roving:

And here’s what I’ve spun so far:

Aren’t the colors luscious and to die for? I love the color changes and the places where the colors blend and the occasional bright popping pink in among the blues. I’m spinning this lace weight, and I plan on knitting it into a lace scarf. I still need to pick a pattern, but before that I have to pick a ply! I can’t decide whether to Navajo ply the yarn to preserve the color sequence or to two-ply the yarn so that I get a more subtle, blended yarn. I don’t really want a stripey scarf, but I think the two ply won’t show the colors to their best advantage. I already made a little 50 yard mini-skein, and made it a two ply yarn, and the colors don’t pop as much as they do on the bobbin. Here’s a picture of it. It’s not the greatest and the colors do actually show better in real life than in the picture, but it’s still duller than I’d like:

I still have to wash the skein and knit up a swatch from the two ply, then spin some Navajo three ply and wash and knit that before I make my final decision. I’m just stuck between showing off the color and not having stripes! Any ideas, please let me know! For now, I’m just really in love with silk in general and this colorway in particular, so I’ll just keep spinning and smiling and waiting for spring! But winter’s not all bad, either. It snowed so much overnight that I felt justified in calling in to work today. I feel a little guilty now because they’ve finally cleared off the streets, but I haven’t missed a day since I started there over five months ago, so I don’t feel TOO bad. My replacement has missed two days and came in late once since he came on board a month and a half ago, so I’m still doing much better than him! And the roads were REALLY bad when I got up. So there :-) So, I’m off to work on more fibery stuff and enjoy the rest of my day off. Hope everyone is safe and warm. Hopefully I’ll have another update tomorrow!

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