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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Whew, what a week this has been! I hate how long it’s taken me to get to blogging, but things have been so crazy busy for me. And really, it hasn’t actually been that busy, but I don’t feel like I’ve stopped moving long enough to blog since my last entry. It’s all because of my job interview yesterday. But now that’s over and I now have a four day weekend! Yippee. And this one is going to be a good one. Mark is not allowed to be a butt and ruin it! He even took Saturday and Sunday off to make up for being forced to work Valentine’s Day. So we’re going to have a great weekend if it kills us, darnit! Okay, on to knitting news. I have so much going on that I don’t know if I’ll get it all in. So, I’ll go in chapters and if I tire out before I get to the end, there will be another big entry tomorrow! First matter of business:

The shawl!

Look ma, no needles!

That’s right, folks, it’s done! I finished it Sunday night and I stayed up past my “bedtime” to finish binding it off. I am so happy with it. Only about half of the ends are sewn in, so that’s one of my tasks for the weekend. Once the ends are done, I’m going to wash and block that sucker and that’s all she wrote. This shawl only took me three weeks and one day and for me that is QUICK. I really hustled to get this done because I was trying to finish it before I ran out of steam. I’m very much a “starting things” person, rather than a finishing things person. I love planning and dreaming about a project, but once I really get into the nitty-gritty of a project, I tire of it pretty quickly. So, finishing this all in one go is a pretty amazing feat for me. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf! Who knows. But right now, I’m not sure how I want to wash it. It’s acrylic, so I suppose I could just throw it in the washing machine, but that worries me, even though it’s not wool. But I also don’t want to wash it by hand because I never feel like anything I wash by hand gets really, thoroughly rinsed, no matter how many times I rinse it. So, I still have to ponder that. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. I’m always open for suggestions. So, that’s the shawl :-) Yea! I’m very, very happy with it. And that’s all I have to say about that. That brings me to…

The socks!

After the shawl was done, I had planned on starting my fuzzy feet, but the yarn had not yet arrived, so I started a pair of socks for my mom with the cotton yarn I showed off in my last entry. I cannot emphasize how much I love this yarn. I love the colors (notice how it semi-matches my blog colors?) and I love the texture. It’s cotton and elastic and when it’s relaxed it has this great nubbly feel. It also makes a really thick, comfy fabric. I’m definitely thinking of making myself a pair just like it. I’m not into the matching mom-and-daughter clothes kind of thing (as a matter of fact, if we’re going out I’ll change if we’re even wearing the same color shirt!) but these socks are too nice not to eventually make myself a pair. They’ll be nice for summer when I wear my clogs to work. But a pair for myself can wait a long time because I don’t wear socks that often and there are a lot of other things I want to do first. I just definitely want to work with this yarn again. For those who weren’t paying attention the first time around (don’t worry, there won’t be a pop quiz) the yarn is Cascade fixation. And here’s a picture of the socks in progress if you’re interested:

Even though I’ve FINALLY received my yarn for the fuzzy feet, I’m not going to abandon the socks, I’m just going to work on them when I need breaks from fuzzy feet and I’m going to use them as my take to work project.

Everyday life stuff!

For those of you that care, here’s an update on the job situation. Most of this week was pretty miserable. My original supervisor, the only person I’ve really liked working with, has been in a horrible mood this week, so that’s make work even more miserable than usual. I’m really looking forward to getting out of there. So, I went to my job interview on Wednesday (looking quite snazzy, if I do say so myself) and it went pretty well. The job I was responding too was a position for a legal typist, which sounds like a pretty low-stress job. I go in, they hand me a stack of stuff to type, I do it and I leave. A big part of me wants a job like that, with low responsibility and almost no concentration required. But on the other hand, I’m worried that a job like this would eventually become boring and wouldn’t fulfill me. The interviewer was very positive told me she’d get back to me. Normally, this would worry me, but the law firm is using a recruiting agency and the recruiter has to pass on her recommendation to the law firm. So, she tells them about me, they decide if they want me, they call her, and then she calls me. So, I won’t worry if it takes a couple of days. Middlemen always add time. I have a really good feeling about the whole thing, especially considering that the recruiter emailed me today to let me know that there’s an opening for a paralegal, which takes more brains and also pays more. At first I was thinking I wanted the brainless job, but I’m really warming up to the idea of being a paralegal. I’m really interested in the law, and this would be a little fun for me, researching the precedents, etc. So, I told her that I’d also like to be considered for the position of paralegal and now I’m waiting to hear back about two options. I’m actually really excited about the paralegal position, but the more excited I get, the more I worry they won’t want to hire me and then I’ll be crushed. I don’t want that to happen! Wah! Now I’m nervous. Poop. Well, hopefully I’ll hear back soon and I can either be crushed or have an exciting new job. I’ll let you know which one happens. And for tomorrow’s installment… all about fuzzy feet (oooh, aaah). Have a great night everyone!

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