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Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

Today was a day off for me, so lots of fiber stuff has been going on since my last entry. First of all, last night after blogging I finished the Navajo three ply skein of the silk yarn I'm working on. As I suspected, the color is much brighter and I like it much better than the two ply in that respect. Also, it's thicker than the two ply (duh) and I also like that about it. The two ply is about 74 wpi and the three ply is about 60 wpi. But, I don't want an obviously striped scarf. I'd like the color changes to be subtle. So, I'll have to knit a swatch and see what I think. But here's the skein:

As you can you see, it's much brighter than the two ply. I really like it, so I'm hoping it doesn't stripe too much when knit. I guess I'll see. It's already washed, so I can start knitting a swatch as soon as I finish knitting the two ply swatch. Speaking of which, here's what I had done on the two ply swatch by the time I went to bed yesterday:

I'm really not happy with it. I think you can tell there's a pattern, but it's hard to tell what pattern. It looks nothing like the pattern in the book. So, I decided I needed to go down a needle size if I wanted to stick with this pattern. But then I couldn't decide if I wanted to stick with this pattern. And I couldn't decide whether to rip back, to save the yarn, or leave it because I hate ripping and I hate dealing with kinky yarn (heehee). So, I kept waffling back and forth because all my options had their merits, and I just couldn't decide. So I flipped a coin. The coin said rip, so I ripped. The coin said stick with this pattern, so I stuck with this pattern. So I'm starting over. I know it's not a very educated way to make my knitting decisions, but I would have never done anything if I didn't decide. I've only got a couple rows done on my second try, but hopefully I'll get some more done tomorrow.

Today I spent most of my knitting time on Mark's first fuzzy foot. And the result speaks for itself. I've really happy with it (but the ends were a real pain!)

Mark is really happy with it, so now it's on to the second one, then time to felt! I guess that will be it for today. I'm very tired and I need to get to bed so that I'm not a zombie at work tomorrow. Hope you had a great day today! Mine was pretty darn good :-)

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