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Saturday, February 08, 2003  

Okay, I’m wising up this time. I wrote a long, lovely entry yesterday and then blogger goes and eats it for dinner :-( So, tonight I’m writing a long, lovely entry as a Word document, then I’ll cut and paste it into blogger and if it eats my post for dinner I’ll just cut and paste again until it’s up! Haha! I have outsmarted an inanimate object! (hey, I’ll take a victory wherever I can get it!) Anyway, I’m FINALLY back to working on my shawl. Forty hours was way to long to go without working on it! Okay, it doesn’t sound that long, but it was! I’m into the ninth repeat of the lace, so the end is in sight. I just have to finish this repeat of the lace and then the border and it’s a shawl! It’s still not going to be as big as the dimensions in the book, but it’s a reasonable size and I’m just flat out ready to be done with it. There are so many other projects flitting around in my head that I am helpless to their siren song. Fortunately and unfortunately, the yarn I ordered a week ago for my fuzzy feet and my bag still aren’t here yet. Fortunately, because that means I’ll finish the shawl without having to mightily resist the fuzzy feet. Unfortunately because I want to start my fuzzy feet!!!!!! I can’t wait! I can’t believe so many people are done and I haven’t even received the yarn :-( I feel very left out. But it’s my own darn fault. Hopefully it will get here Monday or Tuesday and I’ll be able to start the second I bind off the shawl. I love the shawl, I really do, I just expected to bind off twenty rows ago and when there are over 350 stitches a row, twenty rows is a LONG time ago. Over seven THOUSAND stitches ago, as a matter of fact! So I’m sure you understand my frustration. But it will be a beautiful shawl and I’ll be glad for the extra length, I’m sure. But I’m being oh so naughty in the yarn department. Not only did I order a bunch of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, enough for a big knitting bag and a few pairs of fuzzy feet, I’ve also made two stops at the LYS in the past week. I already mentioned the sock yarn I bought during the first trip. It’s cotton and it’s going to be a pair of socks for my mom. Well, I haven’t posted a picture yet, so here it is, along with the swatch I made today while waiting at the salon (the shawl was too big to take along for salon knitting).

I LOVE this yarn. I cannot go on enough about this yarn. It has a great feel, the colors are fabulous, and it makes wonderful thick socks. My mom loves it! I think I’ll cast on soon and make them my take-to-work project for getting in a few rows during lunch. And then my mom can finally have something that I knit for her! This yarn is just too yummy! My other recent trip to the LYS was yesterday, when I went to get a replacement for the needle that failed me (the LYS owner replaced it for free because she is a true yarn goddess) While I was there, I of course couldn’t resist a little browsing. And I ended up getting these:

The first is some multi-fizz for the edges of a pair of fuzzy feet. I just love the way the ones with the fuzzy cuffs look, so I thought the pair I make for myself should have some fizz. The other is some Rowan fine cotton chenille that I’m going to use to make some luxurious face cloths for myself. I didn’t even notice when I brought my purchases to the register that they matched. The cotton chenille perfectly matches the blue in the multi-fizz. I only noticed because the owner commented how well I had coordinated them and she thought I was going to pair them to make a scarf. Of course, now I want to go back and buy another ball of each so that I can make a scarf! Dang her! I may do a little test swatch before I rush off, plastic in hand, but I think it would make a cute scarf. We’ll see.

In spinning news, I received these lovelies in the mail:

These pictures turned out much better than my first attempts at photographing silk. These are two more colorways from the silkworker. One is called embers, the other is called nosegay (can you guess which is which? :-) I love them both and now I have to decide which to spin first. Ah, decisions, decisions! I wish all my decisions were this fun to contemplate! But they’re not :-( Too bad, huh? Anyway, it’s getting late and there’s some more knitting I want to do, so I’ll try for some more updates tomorrow. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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