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I wasn't born with wings, so I'm trying to make my own
Wednesday, January 22, 2003  

Woohoo! Jenni's learning HTML... and referring to herself in third person, apparently! Yes, this pretty new color scheme only took me an hour to accomplish. God, I feel like such a loser when it comes to all things computer. I'm figuring them out slowly, but it's just not my cup of tea. Next, there will be new pages linked to this one, a gallery and a 100 things about me list (which I'm trying to write... unsuccessfully) And after that, I'm going to try to make a button to represent my site. I'm thinking of composing a butterfly out of roving and yarn artfully arranged. Or, just a cute butterfly graphic if I can find a free one! After that... who knows! I may also start posting my pictures as pop-up so that my page doesn't take so long to load. I know that would make it easier for people with slower computers to see my site. Anyway, I like the new color scheme, but I'll probably change it continuously! I love rainbows, so I decided to go with rainbow lettering on a white background. My original try was a caribbean blue and green theme, but it was hard to read, so I figured I'd go with rainbow. Anyway, so there's the big change of the day. In knitting news, I made my "quota" yesterday to get halfway from where I was to the lace, so now I just have a few more rows until it's time to start the lace. Yippee! I'm sad about the lace, though. I had been thinking of doing the lace in stripes because there are six lace repeats and I thought it would look nice if I did a black-gray-white-black-gray-white sequence, one color per lace repeat. But now looking at the lace, I see that the lace pattern would look horrible done striped, because the motifs are interlocked, so even though I would be doing one repeat in one color, soem of the motifs would be half and half color-wise. Boo hoo! So, now I have to decide if I want an all black shawl or if I want to do the lace in a contrasting color. I don't have a lot of color choices and none of them are appealing to me, so I guess it's going to be an all black shawl. I wonder if there's anything I can do to liven it up. I'm thinking of doing some embroidery on the garter stitch part. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions! If you've faced a similar problem, how did you solve it? I'll let you know what I decide! More tonight hopefully.

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