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Saturday, January 11, 2003  

Well, today went better than any other day this week! I had to work a half day, which went very quickly. I moved my office yesterday and the guy who's taking my job who I have to train moved into the new office with me today, so that took up a lot of time. I helped him get his stuff in and we talked and got to know each other a little. He's a nice guy, but I still don't like that he took my job. Anyway, then I jetted home and had some lunch, did some errands, took a nap and then got ready for our big evening. Mark and I went out to dinner and to see a stand up comic we like. Dinner was great, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, favorite because the food is good and we used to go there ALL THE TIME when we started dating. It was yummy food and great company :-) Then, we headed over to the place the comic was going to be and waited out in the cold for half an hour waiting for them to open the doors (we did not know the doors would not be open, otherwise we would have taken longer at dinner!) We've listened to this guy's CD and seen him on HBO, and he's really funny, but he was off tonight. A lot of his jokes just weren't funny. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give him a six tonight and that's a shame because I usually give him a nine. The opener was actually funnier than the comedian we were there to see. Oh well. On a scale of one to ten judging the whole night, it was a ten. We had a really good time and it was good to get out of the apartment, plus we did something different (neither of us had ever seen live stand up) so it was fun. I got kind of dolled up for it since it was out "first date" living together. For anyone who might wonder what I look like, this is an ok picture of me. This isn't how I usually wear my hair, but I was trying something different.

Anyway, in fiber news I had a really fun time last night with my mom. We ate lots of chinese and did lots of knitting and a good time was had by all (all two of us, that is :-) I even started turning the heel on my sock! I'm so excited about this. Below are two pictures of the sock progress. One is from Tuesday and one is from yesterday just before I started turning the heel. I know it looks a little short to start turning the heel, but I like to wear my socks tight, so they'll be stretced out more. So, here's Tuesday:

And here's yesterday:

I know I'm including way too many pictures of these socks, but I'm just so tickled with them. I find it amazing how projects just grow before your very eyes, especially the first time you do something. It's almost on the level of a miracle to me, like "you're telling me I take these sticks and this string and a little elbow grease and then you have socks? WOW!" I guess I'm easily impressed. Anyway, I'll try to resist the urge to post more pictures until the heal is turned and I'm back to knitting in the round. Oh yeah, and for Kate, look what I got in the mail:
an alpaca blend from luckyduckfarm

and another llama blend

they are both so incredibly soft and luscious! I can't wait to dive right in! I only got four ounces of each, so they'll be small projects, but they were too lovely to pass up. She has some more alpaca blends on ebay right now, and it's so tempting, but with the move we're so poor that I should save the rest of my Christmas money for a rainy day when I really need some inspiration or a pick-me-up. But it's hard when so many beautiful things exist in the world that are calling my name and are so easy to buy :-)

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