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Monday, January 13, 2003  

Well, the sock isn't done yet, but it's closer. I started the ribbing, which is being a real pain in the wrists. It's k1p1 and the movements of bringing the yarn forward and backward are really making my wrist hurt, which makes me worry about how my wrists will feel when I'm in my fifties after 30 some years of knitting. I need to put it down every couple of rows and roll my wrists to keep them from really aching. Plus, ribbing is sloooooow. I started the ribbing when I figured I was about half an inch from being finished, but I've done well over half an inch and I still don't like the length of the sock. I really wanted to get that sucker done last night, but between gaping at Alias (Vaughn and Syd almost stayed at a quaint inn in Nice... sorry, but isn't that moving things a little fast, and doesn't he have a girlfriend??? the cad! if he wasn't so cute...) and the ribbing is slow, so between those two things the sock didn't get done. But now I'm going to go work on it, so maybe tonight! If not tonight, definitely tomorrow because I don't have to work on Wednesday and I'll be able to stay up as late as I want to finish it. I'll post a picture when I'm all done!

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