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Sunday, January 19, 2003  

Well, I'm plugging away on my shawl. I had planned on working on it while I watched Alias tonight, but it's a repeat, so I thought I'd go ahead and blog. By the way the first entry from "today" is actually from last night, so I guess you get a two-for today :-) The beginning of this shawl is very simple, you begin with a few stitches, then increase with a few yarn overs every other row. So it gets bigger and bigger. I'm now up to over a hundred stitches! However, this shawl works the opposite of my attention span. I'd so much prefer to cast on 400 stitches and work my way down to 10 than the other way around! In the beginning, I could do a row of 400 stitches because I'm so excited about the project, and I could stick with it because each row would get shorter. Instead, the easy part is in the beginning with this shawl, and I can already feel my attention pulling away. But, I really only started it because I was so excited about it, I never intended to do it start to finish with no interruptions. I just figured I'd get a good start on the boring part when I was excited about it, put it down when I get bored and be that much closer to done when I pick it up again. My socks are waiting for me to pick them back up again, and I'll probably oblige within a couple of days. But, I'm not totally done with the shawl yet, so hopefully I'll get some more done on it. Here's what I have so far:

Like I said, so far it's very boring and plain, just lots of garter stitch with a double row of yarn overs down the center and a single row along the edge. It's now about 19 inches along the top, and it will end up being about 74 inches, so I still have a ways to go. But I'm pretty happy with the progress I've gotten, considering I've only been working on it two days. I love keeping a blog now, because I can keep track of how long projects take me, including "time offs." I can also keep track of ideas for projects that pop into my head. Unfortunately, a lot of ideas pop into my head :-) Enough ideas that I could work on them for the rest of my life and not finish the ideas I have now, let alone the ones I'll get in the future. Arg :-) The torture of being creative. It's a blessing and a curse! Anyway, I'm off to work on the shawl while it still has a tenuous hold on my interest. Hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend. No work for me tomorrow! Hip hip hooray!

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