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Tuesday, January 21, 2003  

Well, as promised, no pictures of the boring shawl in progress! This is for two reasons 1) I promised 2) there has been very little progress thus far today. I got two rows done at work during lunch, and that's it so far! I hope to get some done tonight after I blog (as a matter of fact, I hope to get to halfway between where I am now and the lace, and then get the other half done tomorrow and then start my lace on Thursday. Cross your fingers xxxxx xxxxx) Anyway, so to keep things entertaining, I do have some colorful pictures to post. Here's a quick explanation of what they are though, and why I'm posting them. With most of my hobbies (spinning, quilting, tatting, bobbin lace, soap making, glass bead making, jewelry making, polymer clay, etc) I have a very large stash. For some hobbies, the stash is VERY large, reaching the point where if I were to begin today, at the age of 22, to start using up the stash, never buy anything to add to it, and work constantly to reduce the stash, I would probably not come to the end of the stash before I died at the age of 100. Anyway, I am now getting the urge to accumulate large quantities of yarn, even though I am a slow knitter and don't do an incredible amount of knitting. Add to that I have a huge spinning stash and when I work on that, my yarn stash will increase because I'll have homespun on top of store bought. So in an effort to keep myself from buying more yarn, for the next few days I'll be laying out my already moderate sized stash of yarn for you. This will serve two purposes. Pretty pictures for you (since I won't be posting the growing garter stitch triangle until it gets more interesting) and it will also show me that I have enough yarn to keep me busy for the next year, so I don't need to buy anymore! Ok, so here's the beginning. I'm going to start with the sock yarn because it's the most tempting. It comes in tons of pretty colors, it's relatively cheap (cheaper than buying enough yarn for a sweater, that is), socks are a fairly quick project and it COMES IN TONS OF PRETTY COLORS :-) I'm a sucker for pretty colors! Anyway, here's the sock yarn I have now:

So, I have enough for five pairs, plus the pair I have going now. Assuming every sock takes me 12 days, like the first one did (but they'll probably take me longer because I was so excited about that first one I worked through it pretty quickly) I could make nothing but socks and it would take me 144 days just to go through the sock yarn I have now. Add on top of that the fact that I don't even like wearing socks! I do want a pair or two to wear around the house during the winter because hard wood floors can really get cold, but I really don't need that many pairs. After I finish the red/white/black/gray pair that I'm working on now, I'm going to make myself a pair from the Lorna's Laces Child's play at the top right corner of the picture and after that will be a pair from the brown/black/white/gray JaWool jaquard that is in the bottom middle of the picture, which is the yarn I bought yesterday when I went to get my circular needle for the shawl. After that, I'd like to make a pair for my mom, and I probably will have to get some yarn for that pair because all the yarn pictured is wool and mom wants cotton. But that's beyond the point I'm trying to make to myself. I don't need anymore sock yarn! I have enough to last nearly five months of steady knitting! I know that my stash is really quite small compared to many people's (laughable, really), but I want to keep it pretty small, because I don't have room for another huge stash! Tomorrow: why I shouldn't spend $130 on yarn for a single sweater (eep!) when I've never even made a sweater!

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