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Monday, January 20, 2003  

Ok, just a quick entry tonight. I'm back to work tomorrow, so it's back to early bedtimes (yuck!). I didn't think I was getting very far on the shawl today because the rows are so long and they are now each taking forever (at last count I was up to 171 stitches per row... Wow!) but I just measured it and it's up to 27 inches across the top edge, so that's an 8 inch increase from yesterday! At this rate, I may start the lace on Wednesday or Thursday, which I would be thrilled about! Anyway, here's the latest pic:

Until I get going on the lace, it's going to continue to be boring, so no more pics of that until the lace part, I promise. I'm sure there are very few people interested in the growth of a garter square triangle. You'll probably notice that now it's on a 36" circular needle as opposed to the two straight needles it was on yesterday. It was getting too big for its britches, so I ran out to my new favorite LYS and got a bigger needle. It's already to the ends of the needle as you can see, but I can scrunch up the stitches and still fit quite a few on. I can't wait to get to the lace! Anyway, while I was at the yarn store, I also got some new sock yarn to make a pair for Mark because ever since I finished the one sock and he tried it on, he's been wanting me to make a pair for him. So, I'll be making him a pair after I finish the red/white/black/gray pair and the rainbow pair. His sock yarn is a brown/white/gray/black jaquard that he is in love with. Seeing as how I picked it without him there and he's so thrilled with it, I'm feeling pretty good about my selection. Ok, time for bed! More tomorrow.

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