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Thursday, January 16, 2003  

Happy almost Friday everyone! It is a very cold snowy day where I am, perfect for curling up with some tea and knitting, but where was I? Work, of course! Today wasn't so bad though. I've really been down this week with my work situation, but today I just felt better. While Mark was at work yesterday, I went over to my parents' for dinner and did some real venting to my mom. The thing that upsets me most is that this is supposed to be such a happy time in my life, and I'm so blessed that I should be happy, but I'm just so unhappy right now because of the job. What's going on at this point is that the new people who came into the department are making it pretty clear that I'm a step above mud because I'm a contractor, and that's making work really miserable and uncomfortable. But yesterday I finally did something about it. I called my contact at the temp agency and discussed my options with her and then I applied for a couple of jobs that I found online. I'm just going to keep pluggin away and find something that makes me happy and is more secure. And for some reason I just woke up feeling better today. I made it through work and when I got home I straightened up and took a shower, then my mom came over. And look what she brought to cheer me up:

See what I mean? I'm so blessed! I have really good people in my life, I have enough money to pay my bills, I just moved in with the love of my life and we're happy together (except when he acts like a butt... Men! LOL) and a zillion other blessings. So there's no need to let a job bring me down. Anyway, you probably didn't come here to read all of that, so here's some fiber news for you. I decided last night to go ahead and make a whole other pair of socks from this color way so that I have a whole comfy pair with all the lessons I learned from my first sock. I've nearly rounded the toe, only a few more rows and I'll be knitting in the round. I'm really enjoying sock knitting. I'll just be happy when I have a whole pair to wear. Of course, as soon as Mark saw me modelling, he decided he wanted a pair, so now I'll be making some for him (not that I mind). Now, the only question remaining is what to do with the first sock?? Should I frame it? Yes, I'm still that proud of it, imperfections and all. I love each and every one of my finished objects with a love that transcends inperfections. This is how a mother must feel about her children. You know, a mother with a child that screams and pull hair of strangers at movie theaters who thinks that her baby is the sweetest child God ever put on Earth? I'm that kind of a mother to my sock :-) Well, okay, it's not that bad of a sock. It's more of a child who gave themselves a haircut sock :-) But it's my baby and it's the sweetest sock God ever put on Earth LOL. Ok, bedtime for Jenni, she's been up a little too long. Lalala. Have a good one :-)

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