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Saturday, January 04, 2003  

God, I miss my computer! I was going to move it to the apartment tomorrow because I couldn't have internet in the apartment until Monday anyway, but Dell was having such good deals on new computers that my mom decided to keep the computer I've been using and buy a new one that I can have. I told her to keep the new one for herself, but she's not real computer savvy and it used to this one, so she is actually happier with the older one. So, I'm getting an awesome new computer but I probably won't have it until Friday, and it's killing me! I want to blog so bad, I have so much to write about, but I hardly have any time to be on the computer. I've been spending a lot of time with my mom, but we usually go out and when I'm at the house, I usually check my email, read the blogs I love, and that doesn't leave much time for writing my own. Plus, my ebay auctions have ended and that's taken away from my blog writing time because I've been trying to email all the winners. And on top of that, trying to get settled into the new place is taking a lot of time. But I'm loving living with my honey. We're getting along so well, which I was worried about because I knew the move would be stressful. But we've been doing great. I love that we started the new year in our new place. We stayed there on the 31st and started off the new year there. We finally have all our furniture delivered (there's still some things we need, but we'll go shopping for them later). Our couch and chair finally arrived on Thursday, and I'm only now getting to post the pictures of them. Here's me in both our couch and chair.

I love our new furniture! It's so big and comfy. The chair is the perfect place for me to curl up and knit. Speaking of knitting, I'm getting a little done. I worked on my sock last night to keep myself entertained while Mark watched the OSU game. It's getting pretty far and I'm very, very proud of it. It's my first sock and I know I'm not doing anything special, but I really feel like I've invented the wheel. Here's a picture of me modelling my sock last night.

It's already a couple of stripes longer, because this is from last night and I worked on it more today. I'm very sad that my move had such crappy timing. First of all, moving the week after Christmas was pure madness. Second of all, it kind of threw a shadow on Christmas excitement because of the sadness of moving away from my mom and all the packing I had to do on my vacation. And third, this weekend was my fiber groups three day retreat and I'm missing it because I didn't want to leave Mark on our first weekend together and I knew I'd still be really busy. But I stopped by to visit them, but now I miss them so much and I'm so sad I'm not there, because Mark is working until one in the morning and I'll be home alone anyway, and I'd much rather be staying up laughing and fibering. Oh well. There's always next year :-( I miss them though. It was so good to see them today, and I hated leaving. Maybe I'll host a mini-group in my new place. Anyway, I'm going to run home now and do some more arranging or something. In some good news, it's finally stopped raining and I got my new Jensen to the apartment safely. It's supposed to snow tonight, though, so I'm glad she's safely tucked away in the apartment, safe from any weather that may have gotten on her during the move. I hope to be able to write some more soon and show off the apartment and some of the things I made to decorate it. There will be mucho blogging after I finally get my new computer! Goodnight!

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