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Wednesday, January 15, 2003  

*Drumroll Please*

It's a sock! *Loud cheering in background* A real honest to goodness sock! Yea! It's not perfect, but it's mine and I made it all by myself. I FINALLY finished it last night. I thought that I'd be finishing it the last three nights in a row, so I was bound and determined to finish it last night. I've been having a really stressful time between work and fighting with Mark, so I needed some relaxation last night. So, when I got home from work I cleaned the bathroom (not for relaxation, just to get it out of the way. I have a hard time relaxing when there's a chore hanging over my head). After that I watched some TV, had dinner, went to my parents' to get the printer hooked up for mom (I had planned on the relaxing to begin much before this) but then, when I got home, after fixing the printer, THEN the relaxing began. I ran myself a big bubble bath and sank into that for the next 45 minutes with some candles and soft music. In case you're curious, my music of choice was the Norah Jones CD, Come Away with Me, which is soft and mellow, but also has some great sexy songs that satisfy my inner vamp. After the lovely bath, I gave myself a pedicure. By then I was feeling quite relaxed, so I was ready to tackle the sock. After a few more rows of ribbing, I tried it on (after the nailpolish was dry, of course) and they were finally long enough! Much celebrating occured! I then turned to the Twisted Sisters Sock Book for inspiration on what kind of bind off to use. I decided on the invisible bind off, but as my tapestry needles are still at my parents' house, I had to do the enire thing pulling the yarn through loops with my crochet hook. Very frustrating. But I stubbornly kept at it, and it was finally bound off! More celebrating occurred :-) So, I tried it on and took a picture, then raced to my computer to update my blog and realized... that I'd left the cord that connects the camera to the computer at my parents' house when I stayed over there on Monday. NOOOOOOOO! I was quite upset that I couldn't share this moment of moments, but I made it through. But today I went and got the cord and now you can witness the gloriousness of my very first ever sock! Whoopee!

I'm in love with my sock, but here are definitely some things that I will change in the next pair I make. I made the heel too long and narrow, so I'm not going to decrease so much next time. Also, I'd like to try and do a neater job of going back to knitting in the round after the heel on the next sock. I managed to close up the biggest holes, but there are still some spaces where I finished turning the heel. And I made the cuff too big, so it's a little loose (but not loose enough to be slumpy). So, now I face a dilemma. Since I made the sock so short, I probably have enough yarn to make an entire pair of socks from the yarn I have left (for a total of three socks out of two balls of yarn) But I'm not positive that I have enough, so my dilemma is, do I have a pair of imperfect socks that I won't wear very often and play it safe yarn wise, or do I keep my first sock forever as is, imperfect and wonderful, and put my new knowledge to use and create a pair of socks from the leftover yarn that will fit better and therefor be worn more often. My instincts tell me to make a whole new pair and just keep the first sock for posterity, but to be honest, I don't know if I want to make two more socks from the same yarn and postpone making my sweater for what will probably be an extra two weeks. But I do want a pair of socks that fits well. Decisions, decisions. Right now I'm considering starting a pair of socks with a different yarn while I consider my options. That way I have something to do and don't make a hasty decision. Any insight into my situation would be much appreciated. Anyway, I think I will bask in the glory of a finished object (even if it's only half of a pair!) and go fondle some yarn while I consider my options. Have a great day!

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