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Saturday, December 28, 2002  

Time for more posting! I got some stuff done for the new apartment, some stuff done to the blog, and some fiber stuff done. After I figured out how to add pictures, I finally changed out of my pj's and went out apartment shopping with Mark. We went to Down Lite and got a wonderful smushy down comforter and he got himself a new pillow. I need a new pillow too, but I'm saving that for another day when I can go out there with my mom, who also needs a new pillow! I LOVE the new comforter and I can't wait to sleep under it in three days. We're going to be staying in the new apartment New Year's Eve so that we can start the new year in the new apartment. It's so exciting! It's sad, too, because I've lived in the same house since I was five days old, I didn't even leave for college. My mom is my best friend and it's been so nice to be right there with each other. But I've been with Mark for almost six and a half years and I've wanted to live with him almost the entire time. So, I'm trading. I won't just get to hang out in the same house with my mom, but I will get to hang out in the house with Mark. I won't get to hug my mom goodnight every night, but now I'll get to hug my honey goodnight every night. It's a gain, but it's also a loss. So, while I'm excited, it's definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Anyway, enough of that.

So, now my bed will be nice and comfy in the new place. I also brought over Mark's sheets and washed them over here so they'll be fresh on our first night together. He lives with his parents, too, and his dad smokes, so everything of his STINKS! So, even though the sheets were already clean, I wanted them washed because I hate the smell of cigarettes. Ick. So, they're clean and ready. Now I just have to wash the mattress pad we bought and we'll officially have a spiffy, comfy, fluffy, smushy, clean bed to sleep in our first night there. We'll be having dinner at my parent's house, but then ringing in the new year in our pj's at our new place. We'll toast with sparkling apple cider, then tuck into bed so we're ready the next day for more moving! He has no idea how much craft stuff I have, poor boy. It will take forever! Heehee. I haven't really exposed him to the vast quantity of fiber stuff! We'll see if he still loves me after he's seen it all :-)

Okay, so now for the fiber stuff. I finally got around to some spinning and knitting. I'm still trying to decide what special project I want to start, but I started spinning some llama blend that I got for Christmas. It's black llama with colored wool and silk blended in. It's reallly beautiful, but I'm still not sure what I want to end up knitting with it. I really want to make something I'm actually going to wear pretty often, like a kimono or shrug. Here's a picture of the fiber:

It really is gorgeous, but I'm not sure what to make! A shawl would be beautiful, but it's not something I'd wear very often. Maybe I'll order the autumn kimono pattern so that I can study the shaping. Or maybe a poncho type shaping, a circular shawl with the center left out for my head. We'll see. Because I'm having so much trouble deciding, I'm thinking of spinning up the Quinilla in Blue Jeans crosspatch creations for a pair of socks while I think about it. I started a swatch for the pair of socks from the Regia that will match my new clogs. I'm using size two needles, but it seems like the knit is too loose. So, I made a quick run to the LYS to pick up some size ones, and while I was there, I found out that I've been purling wrong the entire time I've been knitting. I've been bringing my yarn around the bottom of the needle instead of from the top of the stitch. It doesn't really ruin the knitting (I did Mark's whole hat this way, and it's just fine) but I can see a difference now. Anyway, I started the swatch over and I still think it looks too loose, so I'm going to make a swatch with the size ones and see which I like better. I wish I knew this stuff instinctively, whether it was too loose or not. Well, I guess I have to learn sometime, and it's only going to happen by experience. I've never made socks before, so we'll see how this goes. A picture of the swatch is below. I love the color scheme. It will look SO great with my new clogs!

And for new additions to the blog, I now have a tag board (write me a note if you read this, so far I think it's just me and my boyfriend LOL!) and now I can track how many people visit. I'm going to try to add a gallery and a few links and maybe some other pages soon. We'll see how far I get on anything with the move. I'm going to take over some stuff tomorrow and I'm going to do some major cleaning and moving on Monday, too. The mattress arrives on Monday and the couch arrives on Thursday, so we'll be all furnished by Thursday. I'll also be without internet for a couple of days (kill me now!) so if anyone else actually reads this be patient and I'll update when I can! Have a great weekend and a great New Year if I don't get to say so before Tuesday!

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