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Monday, December 30, 2002  

Boy, this is gonna be short because I'm zonked! It was a very, very long day. And the only fiber thing I got to do was organize all my stuff in the closet of my new craft/computer room. It was nice to pet some of my fiber, but I wouldn't say it satisfied any fibery longings. But, I'm just tooooooo tired to even think about starting the socks. For one thing, my arms hurt so bad from all the lifting that I was having trouble driving home! But, we really go a lot done. Our bedroom is almost completely set up (set up enough for us to sleep there tomorrow!) and we got a lot done in the kitchen. As you can see from yesterday, the bathroom was already done. There were many challenges today. First of all, it was raining. I realize we're lucky it wasn't ice or snow, but it was still raining. A lot. All day long. Second, Mark's dad decided to get up early and go fishing, and although he promised he'd be back way before he needed to be, he still didn't show up at my house until three hours after he was supposed to. And we REALLY needed him because he's the only one with a truck with a cab, which turned out to be very necessary in the torrential rain. We were able to fit all kinds of little stuff in the cars, but we needed him for the big furniture. He was supposed to be to my house by ten, so we got up early and moved everything to the door so that it would be easy to get it all to his truck. He was supposed to be there at ten so that I could be safely in the apartment by noon, because our mattress was being delivered between noon and three, and Mark could move his stuff with his dad's truck while I waited for the mattress and cleaned some. But did that nice little plan work out? Of course not. That is the way life goes, and in the end the dresser ended up in the apartment. There are still a few things to do to the bedroom, but I ought to be able to get them done tomorrow. We have to put the mirror on my dresser, I have to move all the clothes from my closet (and all the miscallaneous junk in my closet) and move all my shoes over. Those are already in an under the bed container, so those will be easy-peasy to move. After the mirror is back on the dresser, I have to put whatever I want back on top of it (jewelry box, candles, etc). And then the bedroom will be done! Then I'm on to other rooms! The couch doesn't come until Thursday, so I have until then to clear all the boxes etc. out of the living room. There's still so much to do. It really blows my mind! We spent the whole day, and we're still not done. Jeez! You never know how much stuff you have until you have to haul it all across town! But, it will all get done in the end (I hope). Anyway, I'm going to go wrap a heating pad around the small of my back and hope it feels better tomorrow. And just for something remotely fibery, I think I'll go see if I have any fibery books left here that I can read. *YAWN*

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